Hair Style Ideas for Working Out

Now that I can call myself a regular in a public gym, I have been back in the routine of caring a little bit more about myself again and thinking about what I look like before I walk out the door. I know that sounds silly, but I previously had been working out at home either doing yoga or 30 min workouts, so I could literally be in my underwear and a face mask and nobody would know!

There are some pros and cons to both as you know, but in this moment of my life I have really enjoyed going to a gym and being pushed harder than I would on my own, and also the social/community feel that comes with sweating with other people.

But when I say sweating, I mean SWEATING! Lately I’ve been inspired for some new hair styles to wear to the gym, that will keep your hair out of your face, but still feeling cute.

Of course, I have short hair right now so most of these don’t apply to me, but I do my best with what I have to work with!

Here’s what I’m loving below!  Note: all of the hairstyles were pulled from Google searches or Pinterest.  Look at them as inspo or general guidelines and then make them your own!

Double French Braid (Innie and Outie): Super cute, super sporty, and will keep all the little hairs back and out of your face. Plus, it looks cute a little fuzzy and messy even after the gym, which is a double bonus!

Low Ponytail Braid: The ponytail keeps everything secure, and the braid gives it a little style. I always think the girls that wear there hair like this at the gym are so sporty-chic!

Top Knot with Pins: You can never go wrong with a top knot, and this is one I sport a lot at at the gym. I like the volume the knot gives me, and it it fun to see it bouncing around the top of my head…..ultimate cheerleader! I use baby bobby pins to secure all the shorter hair pieces underneath to keep it off my neck.

Half Up Loose Knot: I love doing this look for my shorter hair, and keeping a messy middle part with it. It keeps my bangs and front pieces out of my face, but makes me feel like I’ve got a messy cute style happening. This is my total go-to for short hair!

Stretchy Headbands: I still have trouble keeping all of my hair secured in a ponytail, but have really been having a lot of fun with stretchy head bands! I love the look because for me the messier the better, so all I have to do is put my hair into a messy low ponytail, and then put the stretchy headband on top to keep all the little hairs out of my face while sweating. Genius!

I hope these hair styles inspire you as much as they inspire me!  I think a lot of these can be worn before, during, and after the gym which is always a huge bonus.  We love being multi-taskers, so if you can do things before or after, and keep the hairstyle, then its a WIN in my book!  Keep sweating, and keep smiling!  XO! From Hello to Beauty!

Hi, I’m Nikki DeRoest