I can’t wait to tell you about yet another amazing product that I started using this summer that I simply can’t get enough of!  I know understand why it is a cult favorite of every French woman and celebrity.

It is called BIAFINE (pronounced bee-uh-feen)- you can listen to me try to say that in the video….;)

So what does it do? It’s a plant-based burn treatment, proven in FDA studies to stimulate cell regrowth. It’s an amazing moisturizer found in all French medicine cabinets, used to keep wrinkles at bay, heal sunburns, use as a night-time mask like one Miss Universe does, and heal skin after dermabrasion therapy or cosmetic surgery. Celebrities love it and it has been written about in top magazines.

Here’s a Net-a-porter review:  “[Biafine is] a super-rich lotion that acts like Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream for the entire body. Whether it’s sunburn, dry skin or minor abrasions, this soothes skin back to health.”

I cannot get enough of this product and use it for various reasons- I use it as a body moisturizer, I use it every few days as a night cream, I have put it on sunburns, and had my boyfriend use it this summer after a really bad sunburn on his lips.  (I talk more about that in the video..)  It works SO well for so many different things, and you won’t find me without this one always in my bag.  Here’s just a quick little review I made about the product- but check it out and do yourself a favor and pick up a tube, you won’t be disappointed!

In other news I am in Milano now- arrived yesterday morning, fought the urge to sleep all day- and got myself and amazing 10 hours of sleep.  I am feeling awake and great this morning, so lets hope I fought off the worst of any jet lag!  I’m so happy to be back here and have a few days off before the Milan Fashion Week festivities start!  Stay tuned…..XO! From hellotobeauty.com!

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