Get your BODY back on TRACK


Hello!  Let’s talk health, shall we?  I wanted to follow up to a previous article I had written about staying healthy while traveling.  I love traveling and being adventurous, and… Read More »

Citta Alta, BERGAMO


I wanted to take you on a quick journey to a new city I visited while I was in Italy: literally a short train ride right outside Milan: Bergamo!  My… Read More »



Back to sharing with you some of my Fashion Week Faves: the beloved KohGenDo Aqua Foundation.  I have been using this foundation for a little over a month and it… Read More »

Health Tips For TRAVEL


Healthy people are SO annoying, aren’t they?  I know, I even annoy myself sometimes!  Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not standing from the top of a mountain and claiming… Read More »

Sunday Riley {GOOD GENES}


As promised, I wanted to continue to share with you the products that I can’t live without, and the ones that are on repeat in my life.  Two words: GOOD… Read More »

Milan Moments


I wanted to take you back to some memories and moments from Milan from this past Fashion Week.  I am always the biggest tourist, taking a million pictures with my… Read More »

Bobby PIN Trick + Easy Fringe Styling


Welcome to the world of cycles….where you saw me cut my fringe, style them for a while, and am now in the process of letting them grow out.  This is… Read More »

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel


I’m always a sucker for nail polish.  You should see my collection at home….it’s something to be proud of, and something to be embarrassed by (hoarder…)! When Sally Hansen and She… Read More »

HELLO + A few of my Favorite things….


Hellooooooo, welcome back to real life!  It feels like it’s been forever since I have been able to have a minute to sit down and write!  I’m back in action,… Read More »



Maybe it’s for me, maybe it’s for you, but I wanted to share with you my photo diary from Versailles.  I was lucky to be able to see this magical… Read More »

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