The funny thing about pink is that I’ve never seen myself as a “pink girl”.  You know, growing up, when you ask a little girl what her favorite color is… Read More »

Part 2: MESSY Wavy Hair TUTORIAL


Hi Friends!  I hope you enjoyed your weekend!  We had a long one over here in the US celebrating Memorial Day, and I got the opportunity to spend it at… Read More »

Desert Wanderer


Here we are, lost in the desert in Arizona.  (Well the real truth is that this particular desert was intertwined  between huge desert mansions…)!  Albi and I went for a… Read More »

JOICO Hair Shake


Everybody loves a party, especially when specialty cocktails, yummy snacks, donuts, and hair styling is involved, RIGHT?  Sounds like the perfect girl night! I had the opportunity to attend Joico’s… Read More »

Little Flower Child


I LOVE me a good romper!  It might be because I don’t have to think and I have a complete outfit in one step.  The only time I don’t like… Read More »



This past week I had the opportunity to go to Arizona for a few days.  To be honest, I’ve never been, other than a connecting flight in the airport.  I… Read More »

a MASCARA moment…


Now here is the million dollar question…..WHAT MASCARA DO YOU USE?! This is tough ladies….think about how many mascaras there are out there in the world….!  So I can’t say… Read More »

What’s inspiring me lately: in HAIR


Here I am, Saturday night: cat sitting and house sitting and looking on Pinterest.  SOOOO glamourous, right?  Truth be told, I am quite a 50/50 split of an Introvert/Extrovert.  I… Read More »

What’s Rolling Around in my PURSE: LIP BALMS


Hi Friends!  Continuing on with the video series sharing all of the things that are my go-to in my ProKit/PersonalKit, and next up: LIP BALMS. Now listen, I realize everything… Read More »

Fragrance Nostalgia: Calypso St Barth


Bliss, love, hope, and new beginnings are the four words that perfectly described the feelings I had when I decided to move to Los Angeles.  I’ve always heard that scent is… Read More »

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