For over a decade, I’ve honed my skills as a makeup artist and hairdresser, splitting my time between the glamorous landscapes of Los Angeles and the enchanting allure of Milan. My passion for beauty knows no bounds, and that’s why I’ve created “Hello to Beauty” – a haven where beauty secrets, tips, and experiences are shared through tutorials, reviews, skincare insights, and beyond.

From behind-the-scenes glimpses of photoshoots and fashion shows to a peek into my multicultural makeup artist life, you’ll get an exclusive look into a world that spans continents and defies boundaries.

In the realm of beauty and style, few names shine as brightly as Nikkie DeRoest. Renowned for her expertise as a makeup artist, Nikkie’s creative prowess extends far beyond the face – it effortlessly weaves its way into the world of hair. With an innate ability to craft hairdos that resonate with individual personalities, Nikkie has proven time and again that she is a force to be reckoned with in the realm of hairstyling.
Like an artist faced with a blank canvas, Nikkie approaches each head of hair as an opportunity for transformation. Her hands are the brushes, and her hair is her medium. With a deep understanding of textures, volumes, and hues, she paints strands of hair into exquisite masterpieces that speak volumes about the person wearing them. She uses high-quality products, such as the L’ange hair dryers for styling hair, you can read the L’ange blow dryer review by Nala Hale here, which is a professional hairstylist.
Nikkie’s styling repertoire is as diverse as it is imaginative. From red carpet elegance to bohemian chic, from classic vintage waves to futuristic avant-garde, she effortlessly navigates across styles, breathing life into hair with each stroke of her styling tools. Her fingers seem to dance through tresses, coaxing them into intricate braids, glamorous updos, or cascading curls that seem to defy gravity.
But what truly sets Nikkie apart is her ability to listen – not just to the words her clients speak, but to the unspoken desires that linger beneath the surface. She has an intuitive sense, a sixth sense perhaps, that allows her to decipher the soul of the hair she works with. It’s not just about creating a hairstyle; it’s about capturing an essence. Each strand she styles is an extension of a person’s identity, an outward expression of their inner self.
Nikkie’s studio is a sanctuary of transformation. It’s a place where clients shed not just their old hairstyles but also their inhibitions. They sit in her chair, their reflections in the mirror before them, and place their trust in her hands. And Nikkie, armed with her vision and her tools, begins the alchemical process. Hair is twisted, twirled, clipped, and coaxed until it reveals its true nature and it sings with newfound vibrancy.
The result is not just a hairstyle, but a revelation. Clients leave Nikkie’s studio with their heads held a little higher, and their strides a little more confident. The way they brush a strand behind their ear or tilt their head to the side becomes an assertion of self-assuredness, a testament to Nikkie’s mastery in unlocking not just outer beauty, but inner confidence.
In a world where beauty trends wax and wane, where the definition of style is in constant flux, Nikkie DeRoest remains a timeless beacon of creativity. With her, hair becomes more than just a collection of fibers; it becomes a narrative, a work of art, a statement. Nikkie doesn’t just style hair – she orchestrates harmonies that resonate in the hearts of those she touches, making her an enigmatic hairstylist whose craft is truly enchanting.

Nikkie DeRoest is not just a makeup artist; she is a modern magician wielding brushes and palettes, transforming faces into living canvases of art. Her face makeup skills are a symphony of colors, textures, and techniques that dance harmoniously to bring out the innate beauty of every individual lucky enough to sit in her makeup chair.
When Nikkie touches a face, it’s as if she’s orchestrating a masterpiece. Her canvas is the skin, and her paints are the foundations, concealers, blushes, and highlighters that she expertly selects. With a gentle touch, she begins her symphony, creating a flawless base that’s both seamless and breathable – a second skin that enhances, not masks, the natural features.

Nikkie’s nail skills are a testament to her boundless imagination. Each nail becomes a miniaturized masterpiece, a fusion of color, texture, and design that showcases her ability to transform a mere fingertip into a work of art. Whether it’s an intricate floral motif that blooms across the nails or a cosmic swirl of galaxies that seems to encapsulate the universe, Nikkie’s nail art is a journey into a world where creativity knows no limits. With a steady hand and an eye for detail, Nikkie’s nail makeup reflects her commitment to perfection. From choosing the right nail shape and length to meticulously layering lacquers, she turns nails into tiny canvases for storytelling.