Only until recent in my life have I ever given myself time in the morning to get ready.  Am I getting old?  Is that what happens?  I used to hit snooze about 5 times, and only give myself time down to the minute to get out the door- along with being a few minutes late.  Now, no matter what time I have to be somewhere in the morning, I like to get up, have my coffee, my breakfast, catch up on my internet surfing, and get ready for whatever the day has for me.  So if I have to be somewhere at 9- I wake up at 7.  Now I hate being late anywhere!  SO I guess this is all a positive- I’m finally growing up!!  Regardless, it still means I don’t like spending a lot of time on my makeup everyday.  Some days I’m in the mood to experiment and try different products or a new look- so I’ll take a few more minutes.  Other days- I like to just wear enough to look good, but get me done fast.

One of my followers had written me asking if I could do a tutorial on a really quick look to help her get ready for University.  She doesn’t have a lot of time- but wants to still look awake and not scare her classmates away!  This tutorial is one way to get ready quickly, and I chose products that you could throw in your bag and use away from your vanity as well.  (For all of you rearview mirror makeup girls, or bus stop makeup girls….!)  You don’t need any brushes, and some of the products have dual purposes.  I think for me personally, I always need a little concealer, mascara, and lips.  That is my minimum.  If you like this video or this idea of five minute makeup, let me know and I will make a few more but with different products, looks, or options.  Drop me a comment or a give it a like so that I know!  As for products used- I had just gone to KIKO here in Milan and picked up a few products- so I apologize for the followers that don’t have a KIKO in their country.  The good news- basically any makeup brand (drugstore or luxury) carry these types of products, so you can customize for yourself, depending on what you have at home or what you would like to purchase.  The purpose of my tutorials is to give you ideas, inspire you, or show you a new way to do something.  You can customize it to you personally!!

On another side note, I am off to LA today for a few weeks- So you will be hearing from me from there!  I’m really excited to take a visit there- work, see family, and see friends!  SO if you don’t hear from me for a day or two, you’ll know why!  AND if my timing is different- well- that’s because I will be on a different time zone!

From Nikki DeRoest!

Hi, I’m Nikki DeRoest