About me

Hello friends, HELLO to BEAUTY!

I was born to create, I was born to share. I love beauty and what it does for women. The sparkle in their eyes…..the way they look at themselves in the mirror. Beauty that goes beyond the outside and shines from the soul.

I am a makeup artist and hairdresser based in Los Angeles, CA. I’ve been creating in the beauty industry for over a decade. Fresh, flawless, and pretty is what I love to create- without being complicated. Beauty doesn’t have to be difficult or tricky- and that’s what I want to teach you. We will cover everything from makeup, skincare, hairstyling, product reviews, beauty trends, and beyond……. You can also see what work I am currently up to working on models, photo shoots, and campaigns. I will tell you all of my beauty tips and secrets through my tutorial videos and blog posts. My secrets are meant to be shared- with the hopes of teaching, inspiring, and helping you create a more beautiful and confident version of yourself.

TAKING JOY IN LIVING IS A WOMAN’S BEST COSMETIC- but a little lipstick never hurt.


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