What’s Rolling Around in my PURSE: LIP BALMS

Hi Friends!  Continuing on with the video series sharing all of the things that are my go-to in my ProKit/PersonalKit, and next up: LIP BALMS.


Now listen, I realize everything I’m talking about today on the video are probably things I’ve talked about before….but I also have to say it’s because they are my ultimate favorites and go-to products!  I literally walked over to my purse, grabbed all the lip products inside (how many lipsticks can one purse hold….) and spilled my guts to the camera about why I love them.  So watch this little video to see the what and the why!


I have to say the hybrid between moisture and pigment on the lips is my ultimate favorite right now.  It gives that fresh look that is not glossy or matte: just the perfect in between.  The beauty of it all is that most of these products can be found at the drugstore and/or are under $20!


Think of them as your perfect daytime color: the take your kids to school, pop in the grocery store, going to your fitness class but don’t want to look too lippie, or greeting your boyfriend without ooey gooey lips!

I hope you enjoy! XO