What’s been bringing my hair back to LIFE!

Dry, damaged, brittle, or broken: all unfortunate things that can happen to our hair.  I’m sure we have all experienced it from time to time, or may be experiencing it at this very moment!  It’s funny I’ve always prided myself on having healthy hair, and kind of thought I was invincible.  Guess what?  I’M NOT!  I have breakage you guys!  Ugh.  I’ve had it for the past couple months I would say, and it creeped up on me….just how your jeans all the sudden don’t fit during the holidays!  The worst part is that my breakage is all on my top layers, so it’s harder to hide and it’s the hair I want to be the healthiest.


I think it happened because of color treating my hair and also putting heat on it everyday.  I didn’t used to color my hair, and I know my hairdresser is very careful not to overlap my color…..BUT that doesn’t discount the fact that that hair is naturally going to be more sensitive because of the fact that it was color treated, so I needed to be more careful with it.  I don’t wash my hair everyday, but I do usually touch it up with the curling iron everyday and the top pieces are the ones that get styled the most.  Of course, this all is a recipe for disaster!  Ok I’m being dramatic it’s not a disaster, it’s just a little setback and a learning lesson because now I am more serious about haircare, and treating my hair with the most respect.


In return, I get to have better testimonials for you guys, so it’s my gift to you: my damaged hair brings you enlightenment and information, so we can all be better!


Anyhoo, when I was filming the other day I decided to verbally talk about what I’ve been impressed with lately, because sometimes it’s easier to explain in video than in text.  SO hope you enjoy.  What a little surprise this product has been, and one that I actually have seen great results with.  Cheers to that, let me know what you think and also what you have been liking if you have damage?  I haven’t tried Olaplex yet, but have you?  Heard some good reviews! Xx  (and yes I always mix Kerastase in with my stuff too, it’s one of my favorite lines…..OH and I just got Honest Beauty Haircare so excited to try that too!)