What Makeup Trends NYFW is teaching us!

I hope you guys have enjoyed following me while I was in New York for Fashion Week.  It was so much fun going backstage and seeing all of the makeup, hair, skincare, and nails going down the runway.  I feel SO in my element backstage, and it has been such a pleasure to stand next to the talented artists and pick their brain about what they are doing, pick up some new tricks, and report to you about what is trending for beauty in the spring.

Here’s FIVE SS2016 trends from NYFW that have been on repeat backstage:

NO MASCARA.  Yep, I said it!  Bare lashes.  Speaking to the artists backstage, it was one way to minimize the look and keep it a little bit undone.  We saw this backstage at Ryan Roche and Lela Rose, and many other of the shows.  Is this a trend you will try?  I admit, I do like going with bare lashes every once in a while….I feel like it draws more attention to other features of the face.  If I am having an extra-extra good skin day or brow day, I skip the mascara.


LESS IS MORE:  All the skin for all of the runway shows had one thing in common: barely any foundation.  Literally no foundation for some.  I saw a lot of spot concealing and treating just where coverage was needed, but other than that it was all natural skin.  The finish was not matte but also not overly strobed.  Now I understand that a lot of these models were young with pretty decent skin so it was a lot easier to get away with the no makeup look.  BUT if we are to take any lesson from it, it would be to embrace your natural skin and only cover the things that really need it.  If you have freckles, let them show!  It also puts more emphasis into really focusing on your skincare routine, so that you are more confident on showing up sans foundation.  (I’ll get into more skincare on a later post, don’t worry!)


THE SWITCHAROO:  When I say switcharoo, I mean using makeup in places you wouldn’t normally use it.  For example, I saw a lot of lipgloss and lipstick going on the eyelids.  It was such a cool effect, and I loved the finish.  Also taking the lipgloss and using it as a highlighter on the high-cheekbones….GLOW GLOW GLOW!  There was also a lot of blush and eyeshadow going on the lips!  By doing that, you get an ultimate matte, velvet finish that you can’t necessarily achieve with traditional lip products. Maybe it’s because the artists were bored with the same-ol same-ol, but I like the idea of thinking outside of the box and shaking things up a bit.


GOLD GOLD GOLD:  Gold is strong for spring, and a lot of it!  At the Alice and Olivia show, not were the eyelids covered in gold, they also took touches of gold through the highlighter and onto the lips.


BABY BLACK EYELINER:  I don’t know if the cat eye will ever go out of style, but it’s here in a more subtle way.  Artists were still creating a little cat eye flick at the end…. but very, very natural.  As a matter of fact, most of the eyes were lined, and then erased to almost nothing with a q-tip and eye makeup remover.  I loved the look, and we still saw that the 60’s influenced liner (but subtle) was still a thing for spring!


Now we know what to look forward to for spring!  I wish I could make it to ALL of the backstage shows, but being backstage is even more consuming and time intensive than actually going to the shows!  I just wanted to shout out to all of the sweet PR girls for getting me backstage (especially beauty.com), and to all of the artists that let me bug them while they were doing there work…..and the models for letting me shove my camera in their face.  Tomorrow I am going to post two of my snapchat videos in case you missed it, or want to relive what really happens before the show actually goes on!  Xx