Velour Lovers Lip Colour

There’s a new lipstick in town you need to know!  Ladies and gentleman, the Velour Lovers Lip Colour by Laura Mercier!


Highly Pigmented, check.

Moisturizing, check.

Satin-matte finish, check.


I love finding a great matte lipstick that offers medium to full coverage (depending on how much you build it) but with a ton of moisture.  It’s hard to come by, actually!  These lipsticks last throughout the day but don’t leave your lips feeling like a desert.


They come in a range of 12 colors, and I picked up five that I adore.  I think they really nailed it with the tones of these lipsticks.


As we enter fall/winter, a great matte lipstick just feels right.  I have a hard time wearing or seeing a lot of glossy shine on the lips this time of year, so these are a great go-to.  It’s also the time to pull out your deeper toned lips which look so great with winter apparel.


A tip that I love: apply your lipstick straight from the tube, but then use your fingers to blend out the edges.  It gives a softer, more lived in look, and also looks great to give your lips the appearance of almost being stained or bitten.  I also think it makes the lips appear fuller.  If you are a little scared to dip into deep tones, using this technique is also a great way to ease yourself into it.


Think glowing skin, matte lips.  The perfect combo.  It’s time to get lippy this winter, and these are the perfect way to do it!  Xx