VASELINE Intensive Care {Healing Serum}

Let’s talk about beauty basics: who makes a great body moisturizer!  I think we focus so much on the skin on our faces, that it’s easy to neglect the other 90% on the rest of our bodies….I know I do!  Body moisture is so important!  We need to keep our skin nourished, supple, and smooth (which will ultimately keeps us looking YOUNGER).  I’ve had moments of being lazy or forgetful, to then look down at snakeskin looking legs…and we know that is not beauty or fashion acceptable!



I’m always searching and seeking for the best moisturizers: and ladies and gentleman, I’ve found it!  I’ve always been a huge fan of Vaseline®, and it is in my arsenal of beauty secrets.  I use the classic Vaseline® jelly SO much on my models for photoshoots, and always have it laying around my house as the go-to wonder product.  I love it for dry/cracked hands, chapped lips, a makeup remover, and it also gives the perfect amount of dewiness for a cheekbone highlighter.



I got these amazing products from the brand, and was so excited to try them.  I knew I was a fan of the original product, so I was super curious to see how I’d like the new Vaseline® Intensive Care™ Healing Serum.  What intrigued me was the formula: it’s not a lotion, it’s a serum.  Basically, it contains Micro-droplets of Vaseline® Jelly, and is mixed with elastomers and PPAR activators (not to get too technical with you) to create deep moisture that isn’t just “feeling good” on the top of the skin.  This goes down to the skin’s protective surface, delivering long term deep moisture.  I LOVE the formula, because it really is long lasting and you can feel your skin soaking it in.  It leaves my skin feeling and looking like velvet!  The formula is thicker than a standard lotion, but glides on so easily.  The first day I used the lotion: honestly a friend of mine looked at my hands and noticed!  She told me they looked supple, YOUNG, and smooth.  I am an avid hand washer, and my skin can never hold onto moisture, but with using this serum, my hands feel and stay moisturized so much longer!  I also noticed that you only need to apply to the body once a day.  Of course me being obsessed and thinking more was more, applied a second coat on my arms and I could feel that my body didn’t need it.




Now let’s dive into the yummy aromas!  It comes in three different formulas.  Deep Repair, Advanced Relief, and Radiance Restore.  The deep has notes of amber, jasmine, and sandalwood.  The advanced is rose and amber, blended with vanilla.  The radiance is yummy cocoa butter mixed with blackcurrant.  My personal favorite is the Advanced Relief:  I’m obsessed with rose and amber, so it’s perfect for my taste!  Honestly you can’t go wrong with any of them, it’s all just personal preference on how you like to smell!  I feel like they really nailed it with the scents.  For me personally I am really sensitive to aromas, and love that these are not fruity or too sweet.  They wear really well and you can smell them, but I’d say it’s more rich, sultry, and mysterious. 😉

The other great news: they are only $7.99!  AMAZING!  I really think it’s hard to come by a body lotion that really deeply moisturizes, and doesn’t break the bank.  I’m happy that I can continue to buy these for myself and for all my photo shoots to use on my models!


I’m so excited for you to try these serums, it was a major game changer for me, and now we can feel soft and smooth together even through the driest, coldest months of the year.  Trust me on this, you will thank me later for this tip!  Let’s keep those bodies looking soft and smooth!  XX