The story of my life is cutting my fringe, growing it out for a year, and then cutting it again.  It’s a constant pattern, full of satisfaction and grief at the same time.  You with me?


As you have seen in the last few months, I had a “Britney” moment and cut my fringe. (Saying that in the most positive way possible…) I loved it…..and now am bored with it.  Come to reflect, as I look through a year of blogging and Instagram, I seem to change things about my hair A LOT, so don’t judge me…haha!  I didn’t really even realize I was doing it a lot…. until I started looking back at all the pictures.  In my mind, it’s little tweaks along the way, so it never feels like anything major.  Lightening here and there, trims, new bangs, more trims, more lightening……WHEW I’m tired just thinking about it!  (Actually when I made this video, my hair was different than it is today: currently lighter and shorter!) 😉


ANYWAYS, I’m in a moment of getting annoyed with my fringe and not wanting them anymore.  I’m totally in the awkward length right now, so I made a video to show you the easiest, quickest little style you can do with your fringe.  The good news: this works for girls with or without fringe!  But if you do have them, and they are annoying you, you will thank me for this tutorial.


I feel like the 70’s are having a comeback (at least in NikkiLand) so this is my 70’s inspired look.  SO great for days as well that you are having a bad hair day, or are not ready to wash but need to have a style.  I love this look, and love that you can go from drab to fab in under a minute.  AND you’ll see in watching this video, anyone can do it, and it’s super easy!


Hope you enjoy the tip, and hope I can inspire you for a new look in your arsenal of hairstyles!  XO