Twisted Crown Tutorial

Just in time for Summer, here is a tutorial that will teach you how to do your hair under a minute, and look effortlessly chic at the same time!  Perfect for getting your hair off of your face and off of your neck, but way more interesting and expensive looking than a ponytail!


I came up with this hairstyle one day when I was having a bad hair day but still wanted to look cute and polished.  It wasn’t the right moment for a hat, and for some reason ponytails are only reserved for me when I’m at home or working out.  I always feel like I’m not quite ready for the day if I’m wearing a ponytail.  I was trying to think of something that looked cool, but also was really easy to execute.  That is where this twist was born!  I love french braids and fishtail braids, but have a hard time doing them on myself.  It gets complicated and my fingers get confused.  This technique is really simple, especially when you get the hang of it.  I have to admit that it was harder than I thought to explain via the video, so I hope I’m making sense and you are able to see what I’m doing to recreate it on yourself.  My advice, watch the video, start playing with your own hair, and then watch the video again.  Once you get it down, it’s easy-peasy!


You also have many options with this technique.  You don’t have to start all the way over on the side like I did!  You could split in the middle and have two twists going back, you could start in the back and twist all the way around to the front, or you could just twist one side and leave the back of your hair down.  That’s the fun it it, once you know the technique you can start to get creative!


I do think this style is easier to execute if you have dirtier hair, or a little texture in your hair.  If your hair is fine or clean, spray a little texture spray, like my new obsession from Joico (which is a wet to dry powder) through your hair first, and then start twisting!  I also think the key to this style is pulling it looser at the end, like I did in the video.  The more texture and bigger/messy, the better!


Also, don’t over think it.  Messy is cute, and messy is fun!  My best up do’s are the ones where I never had a mirror, and it took me two seconds.  If I am too deliberate and stressed about it being perfect, I get frustrated and it never turns out.  SO take a breath, listen to some music, and have fun with it.  Once you get it you will be right on your way and doing this style all summer long!


Perfect for the pool, a hike with friends, going to work, girl’s happy hour, or a Sunday brunch…..really, this style is acceptable anytime, anywhere!  Let me know how you do, and if you have any questions for me or if I can help in any way!  XO