• October 27, 2014
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Time for CHANGE, Time for FRINGE!

Last week I had my Britney moment and cut my fringe in my bathroom at home….


Sounds dramatic, huh?  I had been thinking about it for a while, and I woke up that morning and had to do it immediately- luckily I have worked in a salon for the past 10 years so I knew what I was doing.

photo 1

Girls and hair, hair and change.  Why do we do it?  Sometimes it’s emotional, sometimes it’s symbolism, sometimes it’s pure boredom!  I luckily just wanted a new look, and was a little bored with my long hair.  I made a video talking about the new fringe, and change- and threw in some advice if you are thinking about switching up your look.  I tried to be quick- but when you get talking about something you like, suddenly you look at the camera and it’s been 10 minutes…..ooops!  So, come hang out with me for 10, and we can talk hair!

photo 5

This will be the first of a new series of how to style fringe and what to do with the new look!  I hope your Monday has started off in a lovely way, and I’ll see you soon with some new videos coming your way!  Xx