Then you wake up and your 30…

April 18, 2014.  That marks 30 years of my life complete.  Wow, what a trip.  Usually after New Years, I always would say my age was whatever I was turning that year, because I always wanted to be older.  I always was in a position with work that made me feel like I would have more credibility being older.  What is going to happen now?  Am I going to start going backwards and say I’m a year younger as long as I can?!

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I am happy to report I am waking up today feeling very happy and blessed.  So far, 30 isn’t such a bad thing!  I think Birthdays always get me very sentimental and reflective about my life, my goals, my accomplishments, and how I can celebrate but also improve.  When you close a decade of your life and enter a new one, it really goes deep into reflecting and looking to the future.  I thought I would jot down some lessons learned and advice I have about my 20’s.  It is always something I love reading from other people, so I thought it would be a good one to share with you as well!

1.  Listen to your intuition.  This is something that I have exercised a lot in my 20’s.  As I reflect, I know it was always right- and it was just a matter of if I listened or not.  I think when you are in situations in your life, and also trying to make decisions, if you really stop and listen, you can hear what your intuition is telling you.  I always have to remind myself and my loved ones of this.  Do you really take the time to stop and listen?  Sometimes it is not going to be the answer you want to hear, but listening to it in the first place is a lot easier than the alternative- not listening but getting the same outcome that you knew was going to happen- basically taking the long, hard route to the inevitable.

2.  Choosing kindness and positivity is a lot easier than the alternative.  Trust me, I know from an outsider’s perspective my life can look like constant rainbows and butterflies.  I suppose it is what you make of it.  In my life and especially in my 20’s, I have had a lot of change, hardship, highs, lows, accomplishments, and lessons learned.  It’s funny when I look back at the colorful adventures of my 20’s- it could have taken me down really hard.  There were definitely hard moments- but through those, I always chose positivity.  It is a choice.  Sometimes it’s natural and you don’t have to think too hard to be happy and positive- and sometimes you have to wake up and remind yourself that you are choosing to look at things in a positive way and that it’s all going to be ok.  I think the more you train your brain in this way, the more natural it becomes, where eventually, it’s something you do without even thinking too hard.

3.  Give others compliments.  If you like someone’s shirt, tell them.  If you think they have a special personality trait, tell them.  If they have a talent that you wish you could learn from, tell them and ask for advice!  Not only does complimenting someone else make them feel good, it also makes you have a smile as well.  I know even the most simple compliment given to me by someone else makes me feel great and happy, and it’s so easy to impact other’s lives in a positive way.  And, you are guaranteed to make more friends this way!  Positivity attracts positivity.

4.  Don’t let your pride get the best of you.  This can be in your personal and professional life combined.  I know in my career it has been a lot of learning, mentoring, being at the bottom, still being at the bottom even when I’ve been at the top, and always staying humble.  No matter how many years of experience you may have or how much you have worked on your craft, there is always room to learn and improve.  I feel like I am always learning and seeking to improve every day.  You will get more opportunity and more great things will come your way if you stay humble and always open to others.  I think others are open to your expertise as well when you keep this type of vibe.  This of course is so valuable in your personal life as well.  It’s ok to disagree and not always be in sync with your loved ones, but if you love someone, don’t let pride get the best of you.  There are ways to discuss differences without having too much ego/pride.  Ultimately, if you love the person the outcome will be the same- you will still love them.  So you may as well go the more harmonious route then making things more difficult then they have to be.  There are ways of discussing and having differences in a kind way- and they are always much more constructive.

5.  Always say yes!  (as long as it isn’t harmful to you, of course!)  I know that sometimes to grow you have to make sacrifices and some great things also take time.  If you are always saying yes, those things will come sooner or opportunities that you would have never known were possible can also happen because you said YES in the first place.  Saying yes means opening up new doors, and opening new doors can lead to limitless possibilities.

6.  Set goals- little or small.  I am always a list girl.  I can make a list of accomplishments I want to make for a week- I can make a list of accomplishments I want to achieve for 1, 2, 5, 10 years.  The important thing- whether I achieve them all or not- is that I’m trying and I’m reaching for something.  Whether it’s to do the laundry that week or run that marathon you’ve been thinking about- setting goals is so important to keep you on track and to also give you something to work towards.  No goals are stupid- big or small.  I think just putting out your desires in the universe and thinking about what you want out of life will get you closer to that goal.  Our mind is so powerful, so if you are thinking about those things you desire- it’s going to happen by focusing on them and putting it out loud to the universe.

7.  Surround yourself with people that inspire you, push you to your best self, and that you are proud to be with.  It is true what they say- you are who your friends are…. so choose friends that help you be the best version of yourself.  Be around people that you can talk about your dreams, your imperfections, your accomplishments, and that can teach you things and have other strengths that you may not have.  I am lucky I have some of the best friends in the world that also are equally some of the best mentors of my life.  They are all very different and have completely different personalities, lives, and backgrounds- but with all of them I always feel more uplifted, encouraged, and strong after spending time with them.

8.  Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and make mistakes.  My biggest lesson of my 20’s is that for me- I learned from my EXPERIENCES!  I won’t even call them mistakes- because each moment taught me so many lessons about myself and about life situations.  If you aren’t willing to try and see what happens- you might be missing out on some amazing things- good or bad- because they all teach you something and create the colors of the person that you become out of life.  I have really done a lot of interesting things in my 20’s and tried a lot of different things (which probably made my parents hair turn grey sooner) but with each experience- I have learned SO much!  My motto- what’s the worst thing that can happen?  Usually, the worst case scenario was never bigger than the chance/risk that I was willing to take.  Each chance I took made me learn so much, grow so much, and also made me so much more empathetic to other people that I encounter in my life.

9.  Nobody’s perfect.  To be honest- people will like you more knowing that you are human and not perfect too!  In order to connect with people, you have to be willing to show them your imperfections.  It will make you more open to others and make them more willing to open up and connect with you!  I sometimes can be the queen of TMI (too much information) but all it has done is make people laugh and realize that they share some of the same weird corkiness as me!  Which in turn- made us instant friends!

10.  Have fun and don’t forget to smile.  Figure out what makes you laugh, smile, and what makes your heart sing- and make sure you are always making it a priority in your life.  Maybe you are not currently doing your dream job- but what are you doing outside of your job that makes you feel alive and happy?  Try to approach situations in life with fun and happiness, and don’t take things too seriously!  Always be developing and growing, and figuring out what your hobbies are.  Mine for example- are baking (especially weird and exotic cakes), moving my body (whether it’s yoga, walks, boxing, hiking, etc), creating a space to dwell in that makes me feel peaceful, gardening (which I haven’t been able to fully do yet- but it’s next on my list), cooking healthy meals, making things more beautiful, and connecting with people!  Sometimes you may feel down or uninspired- but that is a great time to develop yourself and try different hobbies- which will make you feel more confident, excited to wake up everyday, and connected to something further than your must-do’s in life.

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I could probably ramble on for days and have my list of 10 be a list of 100, but these are free flowing feelings that came straight from my heart today and I wanted to share them with you- whether you are 20, 30, 40, or beyond!  I love life and I think it is such a beautiful journey that we are all on, and I hope some of my thoughts have inspired you in one way or another as well!  I really appreciate you also taking interest in what I do and have to say, and I can’t wait to grow with you, share with you, and inspire you to the most beautiful version of yourself in the years to come!  Big kisses from my heart to yours!  Xx