Then you find yourself on CONAN…

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I had a really fun week last week and the chance to work for Veruca Salt on the Conan O’Brien show.  It was such a dream for me- because Conan is one of my favorite late night shows.  The band has not played together in 18 years and it was so exciting to be apart of beautifying these women for their live performance on Conan.  There is something magical that you feel when being on the Warner Bros lot and seeing the ins and outs of what goes in to making a TV show.  I, of course, had to get right into the mix….and at one point found myself sitting in Conan’s seat….just trying to take over his job;)!  The staff was so lovely and they really know how to treat visitors like royalty- and Veruca Salt- they rocked!  See for yourself….. Xx

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A few back stage shots….not to mention my own food platter in the dressing room…. treated like royalty! 🙂



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