Let’s talk about hair for a second, shall we?  As you know, I’ve been having some fun with my hair lately….and it keeps on getting SHORTER!


Before all of my appointments with scissors, I was having more appointments with bleach, and as we all know, that’s never the best for the health of the hair.  This fall after I did a lot of lightening my hair wasn’t too happy.  My ends felt a little damaged and stretchy when they were wet.  I didn’t panic, however, because I knew just the right thing to bring my hair back to health.

When I used to work as a stylist in a salon, we carried Kerastase.  I hadn’t used it in a while… you know how that goes: you love a line, get distracted by other lines, and then have something or someone remind you how good it was, and you restart the old flame you used to have with it.

I picked up a shampoo and conditioner from Kerastase.  The thing you need to know about this brand: they have a product for WHATEVER condition your hair is in.  So for each person the perfect product combo might be different depending on what your hair needs.  I’ve always said that the main driver for Kerastase is HEALTH.  They do have great styling products too, but they are a luxury brand with a lot of science and technology to bring optimum health, shine, and richness back into the hair.

So what works for me, may be different than what works for you, depending on what you have going on with your hair.  One thing I can guarantee you: if you invest in Kerastase for what your hair needs, you will see a difference.  I had seen it with my clients and friends time and time again after I had got them on a regimen using this line as their conditioner.

I will still tell you what I’m using currently: the Masque Chroma Riche.  Here are the key benefits:

Nourishes leaving hair soft and supple | Maximizes longevity and radiance of hair color with reflective shine | Protects against anti-oxidant aggressors and premature color fading | Provides UV protection

This baby has got my hair feeling SO GOOD!  Even when my hairdresser got his hands on my hair, he was SO IMPRESSED with how healthy and shiny my hair was!  YAY!

So I wanted to give you this tip if you are searching for a great regimen for shampoo/conditioner.  If you only can choose one, invest in a great conditioner.  If you go on the website, you can actually have your hair diagnosed so you can get the proper products for your hair type and hair condition.  I will link it HERE.  Have a great day! Xx