The Looser WAVE

Hey friends!  It feels like it’s been a minute since I’ve given you a hair tutorial, and I wanted to show you how I’ve been styling my hair lately.  My bangs have grown out a bit, and my hair is basically almost one length all around.  When I say one length what I mean is that I don’t have any layers on the top.  The top section of my hair is the same length as the base length of my hair.  I do have some movement cut into my hair, but it’s mostly in the interior and not on top.  That way my hair can have movement but still keep a uniform look.  (Hopefully if you are trying to explain to your hairdresser, this description will help if you are trying to go for this look!)


Anyways, I was using a smaller curling iron for a while that made the waves a little bit tighter, but now I have been back using my bigger curling iron which is 1.5 inches.  I keep the temperature turned up all the way.


I will let the video do the explaining, but wanted to tell you about the two styling products I’ve been loving for this look lately.  You will see in the video the difference that product makes to a style.  I’ll be honest, you can curl your hair exactly like I’ve taught you, but if you don’t finish it with the proper product, your hair won’t achieve the desired look.  For me my hair is quite healthy and soft, with a straight natural texture.  My battle is always trying to get fullness and texture, and the only way I get it is through using product.


I’m not trying to push product on you, but also want to be completely honest because I’ve been working in the industry for a very long time.  If you ask any great hairdresser what makes someone go from good to great, it’s utilizing and understanding product.


So with that being said, I have two go-to’s lately.  It is based on what my hair is feeling like or needing.

I use the R+Co Death Valley Dry Shampoo when my hair has a little oil that needs to be absorbed.  It doesn’t necessarily create a crazy, grippy texture, but it definitely takes care of any greasy roots and brings the hair back to life.  I love the texture it gives the hair, it’s nice and light, and the smell is also amazing!  I typically don’t need this in my hair the first day, but will use it the days after or especially after a workout to bring my hair back to life.


To give my hair the texture that I love, I have been using the 24K Supreme Stylist Voluminous Dry Shampoo from Sally Hershberger.  This product I cannot live without, especially on clean hair days.  It’s what gives my hair volume and hold.  Without it, my waves fall flat and look a little too soft and pretty.  If you don’t want your hair to look as rough as I wear mine, you can still spray this product in, but then brush it through and it will give your hair some fullness and life, but still look smooth.


For me, these two products have been the winning combination!  Other than that, on my second and third day I will assess where my hair needs the curls touched up, use the products where needed, and then I’m out the door!

Let me know what you think of this tutorial, and if you have any other questions!  XO