The Eye Cream that SAVES ME

Truth: Eye cream is the one skincare product that I don’t get super passionate about. I know…..crazy right? Especially with loving all things beauty, it’s so random that I don’t talk more about eye creams. I have to blame it on my mother…..she happens to have passed down to me genetics that gave me the gift of not a lot of wrinkles around my eyes. Of course (dummy me) I ignore my eyes because I don’t see much of a problem. (Yes I know that’s not the smartest thought process, because I inevitably will still get wrinkles around my eyes….I just focus on the other wrinkles that are starting to appear more…..)!

SO with all of that rambling being said, I am going to start investigating eye creams more, and reporting to you guys with my favorite finds. Guess what? I already found one that I am CRAZY about and need to tell you about!


The story goes like this, “Hey Nikki, have you ever tried ________________? Me: No, haven’t ever heard of that brand. I’d be happy to take a look…” I get home, put it on my vanity, and get on with my day. The next day, I had some free time, so I pulled out the products and started playing. You have to understand that I see a lot of creams and products, so sometimes I’m a tough critic to find some INCREDIBLE products amongst the SUPER things I get to try out. When I pulled this eye cream out, I was already curious because the packaging was different than most eye creams I have tried. A squeezey tube, with a metal applicator at the end…..HMMMM! The cream was also a peach tone….HMMMM…. I like what I’m seeing so far! So I squeezed it into the dark crevice of my under eyes, and started massaging the product into my skin with the smooth metal applicator. MAGIC! Basically it de-puffs and smooths with the cold touch of the metal and the massaging in with the product, AND it brightens and takes away the blue-grey tones with the peach tinted cream…..LOVE!


The older I get, the lazier I get when I have to run out the door in the morning for errands or just want to hit the gym or farmers market without makeup on….BUT…..a little eye cream that brightens, de-puffs, and smooths my under eyes definitely helps and is worth my time! This product is my new best friend, and I am actually excited to put it on everyday. That’s weird and funny coming from a girl that couldn’t be bothered with one more step or product into my routine.

Fab first aid, your eye cream is TOP, and I hope you guys are excited about my new adventure into the world of eye creams. Speaking of, what are your favorites? I have a friend named Ashley, and I’m hoping she is reading this right now because I have never found a girl more obsessed with eye creams, and she is going to teach me more of the amazing ones that I will relay to you! BUT tell me your top faves, so I can start trying other things, maybe I’ve opened up a new obsession! XOXO