Summer Bronzers

In the summer we want the GLOW and we want the TAN!  Well honestly, most of you would probably say you NEED those things, instead of wanting.  It’s like the ultimate “I’m having a good summer, are you?” look!

You know by now that I am a huge advocate of sunscreen.  As much as I love a little color to my skin that has been kissed by the sun, I truly don’t like the harsh and scary side effects that the sun brings.  I am much happier faking it instead of the risk of cancer, sun spots, discoloration, burns, rashes, etc!  Yes I know it’s hardcore when you really start thinking about what the sun can do!  (Case and point: me below without any makeup.  You can see all of those pesky spots from the SUN!)


So for the body I have mentioned a lot in the past how I love using self-tanners, and especially right now I’ve been using my favorite serum for Loreal called Loreal Sublime Bronzing Serum.  I wear the color Medium Natural Tan.  It seems to give me the perfect amount of tan and color that looks very natural.  Honestly whenever I have this serum on people always comment how beautiful my tan is, and they are SHOCKED when I tell them it is fake!  I would totally recommend this product if you are looking for a great self-tanner.  I also love the application because it is a serum instead of a lotion, so it glides on smoothly and blends in evenly!


If you want a quick fake bronze for the body I also love the color of the bronzer from Stila Cosmetics.  It’s a nice big bronzer, so you can fit a large powder brush and cover a lot of skin quickly.  If you are going to use a bronzer for the body I would recommend using the biggest, softest powder brush you own so it goes on very softly and smoothly without any harsh lines.  This is perfect if you are looking for a little added definition in certain areas of the body or a little extra color or glow on the skin.


For the face, I have a few favorite bronzers.  Again, from Stila Cosmetics, they have an amazing gel bronzer called Aqua Glow that you can use multiple ways.  You can mix it in with your foundation to give your foundation more depth and color, and you can also use it by itself on the face to give more color in certain areas.  I usually apply this with my fingers directly to the areas I want bronzed, and then blend with a beauty blender.  I love that its a GEL, so it really sits into the skin and gives the most natural, glowing tan.  It’s honestly one of my favorite bronzers you can buy right now.


I also for years have used the Les Beige Sheer Powder from Chanel in No 50.  I’ve had the same powder for at least two years, and I use this especially for contouring my cheekbones.  I’ve found that this particular color is perfection: it’s not too warm/orange, and it goes on so smoothly.  When I apply it I use an angled contour brush.

Urban Decay makes a great trio called NAKED Flushed.  It’s a combination of bronzer, highlighter, and blush.  I love that they have combined all three into one compact, which is really easy to travel with.  The tone of the bronzer is perfection.  Don’t let the blush fool you, it’s looks a little intense in the palette, but with just a little pop of this on the apples of the cheeks, it gives the perfect amount of color.  Less is more, so start with a little, and slowly add to get the right amount of color for your skintone.


Just a few weeks ago I started using a face and body bronzing duo from Bobbi Brown.  It’s two bronzers: Antiqua, which is an illuminating bronzing powder, and Golden Light, which is an amazing bronzing powder color.  The Antiqua has a nice warm flush to it, and I use this mostly on the apples of my cheeks, and sweep the Golden light on all of the high points of my face where the sun would naturally kiss me.  Bobbi also sales these colors separately, but I love the ease of having them in one palette.  I have to admit that I have been getting a lot of compliments on my cheeks since I have been wearing this combo!

PRO TIP: A quick rule of thumb for you: if you are going to wear a bronzer or go for a bronzed look, YOU STILL NEED TO WEAR BLUSH!  I think this is a common mistake, where most women put bronzer all over their face and that’s it.  You need the blush to complete the look, and give the bronzed look a little dimension.  For the “POP”, I usually use a bright pink. (You only need a teeny bit…)  It transforms the look and makes the bronzer look so much more natural and believable.  If not, it ends up looking a little bit muddy and monochromatic.  Trust me on this one and add a pop of color after your bronzer onto the apples of your cheeks and blend downward and outward!


Lastly, one of my other favorite bronzing duos is made by CK One.  I love that it is a duo with both a cream, and a powder.  They are basically the same color in different textures so depending on your skin that day you have the option for whatever texture is going to work the best for you.  Some days it’s very humid so you may opt for the powder, where as other days your skin might be feeling dry so you’d go for the cream.  I love the color of the bronzer and also I’m a sucker for the packaging!

ONE MORE PRO TIP:  When applying your bronzer, think of all of the places that the sun hits.  (It’s usually the higher points of your face.) That’s where you want to focus the majority of your bronzer and blend from there.  Sweep across the center of your forehead, the nose, the cheekbones and above the brows, and a little on the chin. When using a bronzer on the face you again want to use a nice fluffy brush so the application is flawless with no harsh lines.  It’s better to start with less and build more if your face can handle it as well.


Hopefully this little guide to my favorite bronzers will be useful for you if you are looking to add one to your regimen this summer, or need some guidance on how exactly to use it!  Let me know if you want me to go a little more in depth and I’d be happy to put together a quick video showing you how to apply!  Hope you are all enjoying your summer, USING SUN PROTECTION, and faking it with makeup like I am!  Cheers from the seaside of Italy!  XOXO