Stila Bombshell Brows

IMG_0624I’m happy to tell you about some new products I got my little paws on…..the entire Bombshell Brow collection from Stila Cosmetics!  They came out with three different versions for spring, which means your brows will be covered for whatever your needs are.  Here’s the skinny:

IMG_06261:  Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Brow Color:  This is a precision felt tip applicator pen.  It’s best for sparse, less defined brows.  I like to use the pen applicator to mimic the look of hair.  Create brush strokes following the natural growth pattern of your eyebrow!  It won’t flake, and is sweat proof and water proof.  You can set it and forget it!  I have a new love with this product and application technique, and am grabbing it to use almost daily now.  (You can see an application of this product in the video.)

2.  Stila Stay All Day Precision Glide Brow Pencil:  This is a MICRO brow pencil with a spooly.  The application method is the same as the felt pen, but has a little bit different finish.  You can apply minimal pressure for a more natural effect, or apply more pressure for a stronger definition.  The power is in your fingertips!  I love having the spooly on the other end to brush through the brows and really blend the product.  This is also waterproof and sweat resistant.  I think this is the perfect introductory product into the world of brows if you are a beginner, and I would try it before the felt tip applicator.  (You can again see the application technique in the video!)

3.  Stila Stay All Day Brow Gel and Brush:  This is a new innovation for Stila and I was so excited to experiment with this product! The brow gel adds the perfect combination of instant definition and fullness for thin, barely-there brow hairs.  Think of it as adding “hair” on top of your own hair….building them up and making them look fuller.  You dispense the product from the tube, and apply with the brush.  It also has a spooly on the other end to give the perfect brushed up brow precision.  I love this product (more for my clients than myself) because I already have pretty full brows!  It’s really cool to even combine with one of the other two products for brow perfection.  If you are wanting that full, supermodel brow look: this is the product for you!


IMG_0619Enjoy your perfect brows for spring, you #BOMBSHELL!  XOXO