• November 25, 2015
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I remember when I was first introduced to Softlips as a teenager.  I had a friend that was far cooler than me, that always introduced me to the best products and clothes.  I remember when she pulled her Softlips out of her pocket, and I was instantly curious.  At the time, we had all of our little teenage crushes and she told me it was the best chapstick for kissing the boys….(hee hee).


Don’t worry I didn’t get it for myself just for that, but I did fall in love with the sleek white tube and how it felt on my lips.  It was my go-to since WAY back then (scary to think that was 15 years ago!!)


I was SO excited when Softlips came out with the cube.  I love the way it glides onto my lips and covers more ground, and it’s so much easier to find in my purse.  I picked up the Limited Edition Holiday 3-Pack.  The three flavors included are Salted Caramel, Pomegranate Blueberry, and Fresh Mint.  I have to admit, the Salted Caramel is my new obsession, and it’s not just because of the glitter packaging!  The smell and the way it tastes are amazing.  It’s the perfect diet.  Just kidding but in all seriousness it is SO YUMMY.


It’s formulated with Shea Butter, which is super hydrating. It also has an SPF 15 which is SO important, especially in the sunny/cold winter months.  I like that it gives a subtle amount of sheen, but it isn’t too overpowering.  I wear this by itself at home, but also will put it over my lipsticks or stains during the day to keep my lips hydrated.


A cute Christmas tradition in my household is that my mom gives us chapstick in our stocking every year.  She has honestly ever since I can remember. (Can you believe the holidays are here?!)  For planning ahead, I think these are the perfect little stocking stuffers and something that everyone would enjoy having.  I mean, look how cute the packaging is!  I also think these are great to have on deck for quick little gifts for friends on your short-gift list.  They are great by themselves or I think it would be super cute to tie one onto the top of a gift.  Just helping you brainstorm so you won’t be scrambling as the holidays quickly sneak up!


I hope you are enjoying your holiday prep so far, and hope this little tip can be an idea for you while you are making your Christmas gifting lists.  FYI the Limited Edition Holiday 3-Pack is available at most major retailers nationwide, and on the Softlips store. Happy Holidays!  Xx