SNAPCHATS from Fashion Week {backstage beauty}

So some of you may have already seen my Snapchats from this past New York Fashion Week.  I tried to keep up with it in real time so if you were watching from home, you could feel like you were there at Fashion Week with me!

I had SO much fun going backstage, and it was such a treat for me to interview the amazing artists that created the looks for the shows, and also give you a live tutorial on how they achieved the looks.  These videos are a bit jumbled dependent on what footage I could get, and obviously aren’t as high of quality as my normal videos, but the good news is that it truly is what happens backstage.  The glamour, the chaos, the talent, and the FUN!

I have to admit I actually like going backstage more than I actually like going to the shows, but that is probably because I’m such a beauty nerd!  Nothing makes me happier than talking with the artists, picking up new tricks, and then showing them to you (and modifying them to fit into day-to-day beauty.)

I hope you enjoy these videos, and can pick up a trick here and there from the pro-artists themselves.  There are definitely some things I will be expanding on in later posts that inspired me SO much, but until then, watch and enjoy!  XOXO

(Thanks to all of the artists that let me shove my camera in their face, and the models that let me harass them until I got the perfect picture, and all of the PR and beauty brands that let me go backstage!  XOXO)