• January 15, 2015
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Skincare Spotlight: {Murad Complete Reform}

Along with “Eating your Beauty”, which is a big benefit of healthy foods and skin, I also am always trying and researching the best skincare to share with you.  As mentioned in previous skin posts as of lately, I’ve been giving you one product at a time of my current regimen.  I feel it’s more important to go slow, explain the key functions of each product, and educate you of the benefits.  Skincare can be quite the equation, and of course, is a little different for everyone.  There are so many factors- skin type, age, environment, climate, budget, etc.  I love to tell you what I love and is working well for me in hopes to educate you as well!

I have to say I went through some major skin hell back about two months ago.  I had constant breakouts, redness, and irritation.  Remember when I put that whole tutorial up about zits?  I don’t know what was going on with my skin.  Even my esthetician was baffled.  I usually always have extractions when I go in to see her, but that time it was skin that she had never seen on me before.  I bring up that date, because from the night of my facial, I started a whole new skincare regimen.  I wanted to wait at least a month to start sharing what I was doing, because I wanted to see if I had great results.  It’s been roughly about two months since I’ve been on my new regimen, and I have to say, except for the hormonal zit here and there, I’ve had great success and clear, glowing skin!

So I’ve already told you about the Sunday Riley Oil I use daily on my skin– 3 drops in the morning, 3 drops at night before bed.  It is the most magical product that I have seen amazing results both on my own skin and everyone’s skin that I’ve recommended it to.  (It is absolutely worth the money.)


On a side note- I know a lot of the skincare I talk about is a little bit of an investment, but I will say it is worth every penny.  I’m a realist when it comes to spending money, but in my opinion, skincare is something that I think is more justifiable than most “fashion” related items.  Clothes, shoes, bags- they come and go- but skin…..that’s always with you.  It’s important to preserve and keep it at it’s best.  I think people notice glowing perfect skin way more than any shiny necklace or cool leather jacket.  That’s also why I’ve been explaining skincare one  product at a time- so that you can space out your investments and save up for them 😉 !

I also already told you about the Vitamin C Radiance Peel I use from Murad about twice a week.  I actually end up once a week sleeping with it on- not sure if that does anything special past the recommended 10 minutes- but it makes me feel good so I’m sticking with it.


Today the other key factor product I want to tell you about is also from Murad, and it’s the Complete Reform with Glyco Firming Complex.  If you read the main purpose of this product- it tells you it’s for removing visible signs of aging and firming the skin.  I do agree that it does that, but for me personally, I think it does so much more! It tightens and firms the skin, smooths the skin, reduces pore size, and helps fight any bacteria or blemishes on my skin.  I can definitely feel that it is a little “active” when I put it on.  It’s main ingredient is Glycolic Acid and here are some benefits of Glycolic: providing an even exofoliation, brightening skin, restoring healthy pH to skin, removing blackheads and fine lines, and treating pigmentation, acne, and other skin conditions.  Glycolic is one of my FAVORITE ingredients in skincare, and my skin turns into magic when I am consistently using it.  I use just one pump of this product at night after I wash my face, and then follow up with 3 drops of the Juno Oil.


I didn’t know how my skin would react to using an “active” product line mixed with an “organic” product line, but for me personally, it’s the perfect storm.  I’ve found that I need both.  A little active keeps the breakouts and bumps under control, and the organic feels oh so good!

I can’t stress the power of these products, and you have to try for yourself!  I have used many and will continue to seek out the best to educate you along the way!  Let me know if you have any questions!  XO