Skincare Spotlight: BIORÉ

Back to school, back to routine, back to shedding that summer skin and getting refreshed for fall!  I remember when I first started using Biore as a teenager….(16 years ago…..EEK!)  Well they are still around, and better than ever, especially with the cute new designs.  You have probably seen me on my Snapchat using these strips, but wanted to share a little more about them with you.


These Bioré strips work like a magnet to literally lift the dirt and oil that causes blackheads from your pores (and if you are like me, nothing is better than actually seeing what comes out of your pores)!  These work really well and also it’s a much better alternative from squeezing at your pores.  That usually results in NO GOOD, creating irritation and problems that didn’t exist prior.

They are very simple to use and I wanted to give you a few pointers:

*The strips won’t stick to your nose unless your nose is wet first.  Make sure to clean your face before!

*Once you apply them to your nose, firmly rub them on to get great attachment. Then sit back, relax, and let the strip do the work!

*10 minutes is all you need- and make sure if it gets too firm to wet it a little bit so it comes off with ease.

*After you take it off, take a look and enjoy seeing all of the dirt and grime that just came out of your pores!


I would recommend using these once or twice a week.  You don’t need to use them more than that.  I like to do it on the weekend, as a little skincare maintenance and ritual.  The special edition designs are available in your local stores!  I hope you like the skincare tip, and HAPPY SEPTEMBER! XOXO


Thank you Bioré  for sponsoring this post!