Selfie 101

Whether we want to admit it or not- we are all guilty of taking a SELFIE!  It’s the new technology, and the instant gratification of seeing yourself in a photo at the touch of your fingertips.  We do it when we are in a cool environment, we do it in the car during traffic, we do it when we are feeling good about how we look for the day, we do it when we want that moment to be a memory and last forever.  Selfies can be FUN, and selfies can be SCARY!  When I really started getting into beauty blogging, part of my duty was to take selfies to show makeup or hair looks that I had created.  It was so scary, tough, and frustrating.  When it was time to upload them onto Instagram, I would close my eyes, hold my breath, and wait to see the reaction of my followers.  You know what’s the worst?  Uploading a selfie and then losing followers….Take that self-esteem!!  (LOL!!!)  Haha, that is something that I have had to get past- because at the end of the day, I am here to share with you guys and I want you to do the same with me!  Sharing is caring, and I want us to share with each other!  That’s why I am starting a hashtag called #selfiebabexnikki!  This is a place to share our beauty looks with each other.  Whether its a makeup look that you want to share, a cool hairstyle, or a look based off of one that I’ve shown a video for- it will be our new inspiration beauty library on Instagram.

Since I’m rolling out this new hashtag, I thought it would be beneficial to share some tips on how to take a great selfie….  These are tips that I’ve found work the best for me- so you need to know it so you can get the best result too!  Here we go……….!!!!  (Keep in mind, I’m being tough with these rules and you can still snap away pictures whenever you please….I’m just speaking mostly about taking a great beauty selfie where you want to look your ultimate best.)


*GOOD LIGHTING- THIS IS THE NUMBER ONE RULE OF AN AMAZING SELFIE!  If the lighting sucks, I won’t even waste my time trying to get a good photo.   Natural light is always the best. No matter what. It’s true what they say- always find the light! It makes everything smoother, the skin softer, and everything is just prettier. The picture is also more clear and less grainy. Try to face the light for the most flattering picture. If you want a little more contrast you might only have half your face hitting the light, which will give the skin more dimension.

*No overhead light. Just don’t. It will make your shadows and divets look deeper and it just doesn’t work. You’ll look older, and tired.  Same with fluorescent lighting. It’s just cold and wrong for photos… (Think hospital!)

*If it’s night, your best bet is a light in front of you pointing at your face. That way you get more evenness and brightness to the skin.  Otherwise, to be honest…..Sefies at night are tough.  They will always look grainy and not as clear, and the temperature of the photo might be off.

*You have to play around a lot with your angles to know what looks best for a selfie. For example, if I haven’t gotten enough sleep and my chin isn’t raised enough, I have heavy bags under my eyes. Chin up will fix that, or holding the camera up above your head and looking to the camera with your chin up.   I would also suggest to tilt your face one way or the other slightly. Straight on is tricky to not look cross eyed and it’s usually nicer to get some dimension instead of the photo looking flat.  In practicing you might see that one side of your face photographs better than the other, or that you look the best at certain angles.  For this one, practice makes perfect, so do a little mini photo session with yourself and see what you discover!

*Choose clean backgrounds if possible. It may be my own personal preference but I don’t like selfies with a lot of junk in the background. Especially if it’s for a makeup or beauty selfie. You don’t want to take away from that.  I typically try to find a clean wall in order to not distract from the selfie and make it look more pro.

*If you are using a iPhone, make sure you wipe your camera off before taking the picture. Otherwise it could come out blurry.  With the newer phones the quality is very good on the reverse camera and it helps to get a better photo because you can test the light, see what’s in the background, and see your face.

*Play with how you like the difference of staring at the camera vs looking just below the camera. Sometimes the eyes look better not staring directly at the camera.  Again, this is something you will have to play with and practice to see what works the best for yourself. If you turn your phone, it can change the reference of where your eyes are looking, which is sometimes a cool or interesting photo. Especially if you are camera shy!

*Give yourself some options. Play with your face. Smile, half smile, make silly faces, work the pout (but not duck face style) unless it’s a funny one, play with your hair. If you have a nice manicure or rings on, incorporate them into the picture. If your manicure is looking chipped or bad, don’t do it!! Leave it out!

*Play with your hair. Make it big, make it messy- remember- in person it might feel dramatic but sometimes it works fantastic for a picture.

*Usually to get a good selfie, you have to take more than 5-10. I know!! It’s true though. Try a few so you have options. But know when to say when. Some days….it just doesn’t work. When I go to select mine, I look at them as thumbnails in my photo album first and can usually see which ones are the best. It’s an easier way to eliminate the bad. Get the bad outta there! The best one usually stands out and you can choose it quickly. When you know, you know! The days that it’s not working, don’t force it. Some days we feel good and photogenic, some days we should leave the camera alone!

*Try to develop your own style. Everyone has a certain way they like to shoot themselves. For example, some people don’t mind to see there arm outstretched to take the photo, some people you wouldn’t 100% know if they took it. Decide what you like and own it!

*As far as filters go…. To each his own. I try not to do too much filters because I’m trying to show the makeup as clear as possible. But again, that is all personal style and design, and what you like to see yourself as. Just don’t go too crazy. If I do anything I’ll usually brighten them a bit and add a slight but of contrast. That’s about it. I think the biggest key is getting a photo with good natural light to begin with. I love Afterlight as a editing program, but now that Instagram has editing options, I just use that!!

Ultimately, have fun and smile. Practice makes it easier and it also helps you get to know your face and how you like to see it in photos.  Selfies, Instagram, and social media are meant to be fun and taken lightly.  I hope that these tips can help you get the best picture, and I would love to see it!  Make sure to tag all of your selfies with our Hello To Beauty Team Hashtag, #selfiebabexnikki.  Your a babe, and we need the world to see it!  I will be checking this hashtag daily, so it will be fun to see your face, from wherever you are in the world!  XOXO