I’m on to something new with my skin, so wanted to share with you all.

As you know, I have been doing a lot lately with laser treatments, facials, and general skin health.  I am always on the hunt to find the best of the best, whether it’s treatments, skincare, makeup, etc.


I know it looks like my skin is great and I won’t lie, I know it could be a lot worse, but I have struggled the past six years with adult acne (which is what both my esthetician and dermatologist diagnosed me with).  It’s subtle to most, but it’s there, and I cannot seem to get my skin completely clear.  It’s strange because I always thought that skin issues happen in the teenage years, but for me it came much later in life.

The interesting thing about my acne is that it moves, so my esthetician and I can’t seem to clearly get to the bottom of how, why, or what causes it.  They are little bumps that don’t completely come to a head and leave, so it’s kind of the most frustrating kind that hangs out and won’t go away.  That’s also why I go to my esthetician so frequently for facials because she is able to treat the areas better than I can on my own.  That’s always the mystery with skin, sometimes it’s so hard to predict.  I am always avid about getting monthly facials, that way I can at least have an expert give me a deep cleanse, exfoliate, and extractions as needed.

I know I’ve told you before, but as soon as I turned 30 my sunspots decided to appear and wish me a Happy Birthday.  That’s why I have also started incorporating the IPL laser treatment into my skin regimen.  My theory with why I care so much about my skin and why I invest so much into it is simple: it’s the only skin I have, so I want to treat it the best that I can, and the better my skin, the less makeup I have to wear and the healthier I look.  To be honest, I think there are other areas you can invest less in, but skin is so important to me.

SO with all of this blabbing that I’m doing I guess my point is that with doing laser treatments, chemical peels, and just generally trying to keep my skin clear and healthy from anti-aging, I am now obsessed with sunscreen.

If you aren’t obsessed, you need to be.  If you ask any dermatologist or esthetician what the single most important product is to use, they will say sunscreen.  They have drilled that into my brain, so I am passing that along to you.  Even if you are literally going to run to the store or gym without makeup on, you still need to wear sunscreen.  PERIOD.


SO with that new obsession comes searching for the best sunscreen and/or makeup with sunscreen.  Luckily, the ladies at Saturday Skin sent me a little treasure in the mail that I have been obsessed with ever since I tried it.  (If you mention anything is Korean Skincare, you already have my attention….)

Here’s a little more about the line, but I would encourage you to do some more research on your own.

Chalogy® is founded on the belief that age isn’t only skin deep. Developed by the leading women’s health experts and world-renowned scientists behind the iconic CHAUM wellness center in Seoul, Chalogy is the product of decades of cutting-edge research revealing the connection between women’s biorhythms and the aging process. Chalogy’s holistic approach to skincare is the foundation of two unprecedented collections designed to erase signs of age and extend skin’s youth: Aurous and Saturday Skin.

Drawing on a deep knowledge of women’s biology,researchers at CHAUM identified a unique phase in women’s internal rhythms that promotes external radiance, vitality and youth. Dubbed “The Golden Phase”, this period is defined by the cell division and differentiation that fosters bright, fresh and new skin. This singular discovery led to the development of a proprietary formula, the Cha-7 es complex, which activates the skin’s own naturally occurring regeneration process to extend this Golden Phase continuously. By suspending skin in this optimal stage, the Cha-7 es complexdoesn’t fight aging—it preserves youth.

Chalogy unites breakthrough research and a holistic understanding of women’s biology to address the unique skincare concerns that women face throughout their lives. By providing targeted treatments that evolve alongside the women who use them, Chalogy ensures that women remain in their Golden Phase at every age. Saturday Skin is designed to maintain a fresh, flawless complexion for women in their 20s and 30s, while Aurous provides intensive anti-aging care to restore skin to its optimal health and radiance. Together, the customized collections harness the power of the Cha-7 es complex to promote ageless skin from within.

I am new to the line, so have only tried one product so far, and it is amazing.  The line actually is only made up of 9 products, all of which are skincare products.  I am using a sunscreen cushion compact foundation that is SPF 50.


It’s a foundation, with lightweight, build able coverage.  The finish is beautiful, it literally just looks like your skin, but of course, the best version of it.  The skin looks even, smooth, and has a nice natural, subtle glow.  I can build my coverage as needed, but I never feel or look like I’m wearing makeup.  I love the fact that it has a powerful SPF of 50, and it also has their patented Cha-7 es complex™ of peptides.  My skin has been loving this foundation sunscreen, and I love love the finish.  I think it’s especially perfect moving into those summer months, where you want a multi-tasker that protects, covers, and treats all at the same time.


I have even wore this to the gym as a light cover and sunscreen, and have had no skin issues from it.  You can either apply with the little sponge applicator it comes with, or use directly with your fingers.  It comes in four shades because it is light and forgiving with the simple color match.  I am wearing Champagne (which is the second color out of four), and will probably go a shade darker as I get into summer.  It also comes with one extra refill cushion, so I feel like this will last you a good few months before having to purchase again.


Using this product makes me eager to try other skincare products from this line, and when I do, I’ll be sure to report.  You know how much I have my hands on makeup and skincare, so know that if I’m sharing it’s because I really believe in the product.  If for anything else, make sure you are using a sunscreen every single day at every moment.  I know it sounds intense, but it was a pretty eye opening experience getting my last IPL and seeing how the left side of my face had a lot more sun damage just from driving in the car.  Sun damage is real my friends, so do your best to prevent as soon as you can!  Enjoy your Saturday Skin on everyday of the week, and I promise you will be a huge fan like myself! Xx