Just a little quick product review today of a product I’m totally crushing on!  I picked this up while I was in Europe and I have had it in my lip rotation since then!

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If we were comparing this to the luxury brands, it’s definitely up there with the YSL Rouge Pur Couture.  That was a huge reason why I bought this lip product- I always want to find you the options if you want the trend and the look of luxury but without the heavy price tag.

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SO, what you’ll get with this- combining the intensity of a lipstick, the shine of a gloss and the hold of a lip tint!  What more could you want?  I love the new technology where you are not having to sacrifice one thing for another- or having to carry a million products in your purse for the effect of a bold glossy lip!

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The texture of this product is amazing, it’s easy to apply, and it comes in 14 shades- from natural to bold.  Of course, I had to choose the bold….!  I was wearing no7, Cherry Red.  In the video you will see the basic application of how to apply this product- BUT- I want to give you an additional makeup artist tip-  I also use this as a really bitten, lived in looking stain.  How to do it?  Apply just a little product in the center of your lips- then use your finger to blend it in and really push the product into your lips.  The result should be a nice, beautiful stain- not shiny- just tinted.  It’s great because you can go mega bold and glossy with a regular application, or really natural and bitten with the makeup artist tip application!  Whatever you fancy, call it a 2 for 1 with this amazing product.

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I give it two thumbs up with the comparable to the YSL, and I think you should treat yo self to a tube! XO

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