• January 19, 2015
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Relax those WAVES

Hello and Happy Monday!  Here is a tutorial of my hair as of lately.  It’s a little less curled and a little more relaxed.


I always love movement and texture in hair, but I’ve been trying to go a little easier on the tightness of my curls.  It gives the look to me that is a little more effortless, and a little more natural.  Let’s be honest- another huge reason is that doing my hair this way takes me way less time….and I think it’s established how lazy I am with my hair!!  (TRUTH)


I used a larger iron: and this iron is from Conair, and can be found at many stores.  The other key factor to this look is how you finish it.  The styling products are what are going to give it the best finish and the style that we are going for.  If I didn’t put the products in, it wouldn’t have the same effect.  It would look like a cutie 5 year old with perfect little ringlets.  The dry sprays rough it up a little, and give a ton of volume and hold to the look.  I also didn’t use a setting spray because I didn’t want the curls to be too tight.  If your hair absolutely doesn’t hold curl: go for it and use a setting spray.  If not, I’d skip it for this style.


Here’s what you need to get this look:

*1.5-2 inch curling iron.  I used this one from Conair, but any brand will do!

*Klorane Dry Shampoo.  Mostly sprayed directly on the roots, even on clean hair.  (Also use as a touch up on 2nd day hair.)

*EVA NYC Dry Texture Spray.  Sprayed through the mid shafts to ends.  Give SO much volume and dry texture.

That’s it!  I love this look because it is SO EASY and quick.  Let me know if you have any questions, and cheers to great hair days up ahead!  PS make sure keep a lookout on my Instagram….I’m headed to NYC today for something very exciting.  Can’t wait to share! Xx