• December 13, 2015
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RED LIPS for the Holidays

The holidays are here and in full swing. Do you have any parties coming up this next week?  If you do, may I suggest you some of my favorite red lipsticks for your holiday festivities?  Or, are you just on the hunt for a new favorite red?  Look no further!

I chose some of my favorite red lipsticks that can work for any “type” of red your looking for, and also some long wear lipsticks.  BTW, did you know anyone can wear red lipstick?  No matter if you wear a lot of makeup, or nothing at all, a good red lip is always in style and always chic.

Here they are:


Urban Decay “Sheer Slowburn”  This is a sheer red lipstick, that has a glossy finish.  The more you layer it, the more pigmented it becomes.  This formula is super moisturizing, and feels amazing on the lips like butter.  If you are just getting started with red, this might be a great gateway!

Lancome “#195”  This red has a touch of fuchsia in it, and is very beautiful on.  I love it when I go out at night, because it deepens a bit, but also has an interesting tone in the darker lights.

Elf “Red Carpet”  This lipstick is very moisturizing, and is great for the friends out there that get nervous about animal testing or animal products in any cosmetics.  It doesn’t have either.  It is also the most affordable out of my selections and can be found at many drugstores.

Laura Mercier “Foreplay”  This is from the new Velour Lovers Collection and one of my new favorites.  It has a tiny bit of an orange undertone and feels weightless on the lips.  It has a matte finish, but at the same time feels very moisturizing.  Great color!

Loreal “True Red”  This color (especially on the lips) is a true-blue-red.  It has that old classic tone that perhaps your mother or grandmother might have worn.  Easily accessible at most drugstores around the world.


Next up, some of my favorite long wear reds….because we can’t always be touching up our lips every hour!


Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick “Tesoro” If you want an orange-red, look no further.  I love the creamy full coverage, but how weightless it feels on the lips.

Loreal “Forever Candy”  I have this formula in so many colors, and it really wears well throughout the day.  The true test was that I wore it when I was sick, and with blowing my nose all day, it didn’t budge.  I love the feeling of the moisturizer on the other end.  It conditions the lips so well.

Rimmel “Kiss Me You Fool”  I also picked this up on one of my drugstore runs, and I’ve been truly impressed.  It wears all day long, and the color is beautiful!  It definitely has an awesome punch to it.

Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick “Beso”  Again, I obviously love this formula because I have mentioned it twice, but I just love these.  This color is an amazing TRUE RED!


I hope this helps you narrow down your quest for the perfect red.  I know it can get overwhelming and confusing, but these selected are amazing.  My challenge to you is to step outside of the box, and wear a red out.  You’ll be surprised how great you feel, and how many compliments you will get!  I hope you are enjoying your holidays and spending it with all of your friends and family!  I have been doing the hustle at work, working on an amazing advertising video and photoshoot the past 2 weeks, and it has kept me very busy and thankful.  I’m looking forward to the Holidays to catch up with my own family, and to also go on a special trip that I’ll tell you about very soon!  XOXO