Quick Hair Tutorial

Hey friends!  I just wanted to quickly show you how I’ve been curling my hair lately.  As usual, I try to do it in the quickest and most efficient way possible…..because who likes to spend too much time getting ready? I know I don’t!

I’ve found that if you have short to mid length hair, using a curling iron that is an inch and a quarter works really well.  If you use too big of a curling iron, you actually don’t get the bend that you want in your hair.  My top favorite brands for curling irons are Hot Tools, Babyliss Pro, and GHD.  I recommend any of those.


In this video I had already let my hair air dry with Kerastase Nectar Thermique (which is my all time favorite thermal protectant) before curling.  Because I have such straight and soft hair naturally, I am always trying to come up with ways to give it more texture.  I tend not to blow-dry my hair unless it’s a necessity because if I do, my hair almost gets too smooth.  I like the bit of bend and imperfection I get from air drying, and then I can add in texture with my curling iron.

I finished my hair after curling with two products.  The first was a dry texturizing spray from Oribe.  I need to add texture in my hair to give it a little grit and volume.  I LOVE this spray!  A little goes a long way, and the smell is DIVINE.  Tom Ford created all the fragrances for Oribe.   I usually just pick up my hair in sections and spray in the roots.  I like to concentrate it more towards the roots because if I put it in the ends it gets a little too dry and hard to get my fingers through.


After I finish spraying that in (which gives the roots a more matte finish), I like to add a little bit of shine through the ends.  The second was a dry condition + shine serum from Honest Beauty.   It acts as a moisturizer for the ends, without weighing the hair down.  It helps relieve dull locks, and is a great finisher after curling.  I like that it helps my ends get a little shine and texture without feeling tacky or heavy.


In a consumer study of 50 women of all hair types after one use:

100% agreed it’s like a magic fix for dry hair
100% agreed hair looked and felt soft, shiny, silky and smooth
100% agreed frizz and flyaway hairs were visibly reduced


Rub 2-3 drops in palms and work through dry strands between washes. (It’s concentrated, so a little goes a long way!)


Small enough to carry in your purse!
Work through ponytail (or other styles) mid-day to revive and moisturize.

I think using products to finish the curls is what really seals the deal.  As you can see at the end, I really like to work my hands through it all to give it a nice, full, piecey texture.  I hope you enjoy this quick video, and it gives you some inspiration when you are working on your wavy hair!  XO