PROVOCALIPS: Rimmel London

Oh hey hey!  If you have been following along with me on Snapchat (which I hope you will….username nikki_deroest) you have probably noticed my adventures to the drugstore.  I am the typical client that goes into the drugstore for cat food and ends up with a receipt that is taller than me!

Once I get going in the beauty section, I cannot stop….. but I have to admit in doing so I have found some REALLY AMAZING products!


I haven’t used a lot from the Rimmel London brand, so made it a point to spend a couple of minutes looking over their products and seeing if there was anything interesting……and I found something…..

So I always do a little test first, to see if I like things before buying the whole color story.  I have always been into long-wear lip colors, so I wanted to try their long-wear, which is called Provocalips.  I picked up a “very Nikki” color, a berry-pop-pink called “I’ll Call You”.


The day I purchased it I didn’t have time to try it on, and had to work at 6AM the next morning for Good Things LA and used the Provocalips for the first time that morning.  Imagine me getting ready in the bathroom with only one eye open at 5AM, and not knowing what to expect with this new lip color!

Here’s what I found: IT RULES!  It is double ended, one side is the pigment, and the other side is the moisturizer.  It’s like most long wear lip colors, where you apply it get it where you want it, and then it dries down and doesn’t move.  It is a little thicker in consistency than other long wear lip colors, and I like the texture of it better actually!  What really did it for me was the moisturizer on the other side.  My biggest complaint with long wear lip colors is that the moisturizer they give on the other side usually ends up being too glossy or shiny.  That is always a deterrent for me, especially because if I am going to wear a brighter or bolder color, I don’t want it to be glossy.  This one is the perfect finish of a nice moist lip, without the shine.  It feels really nourishing and great on the lips.


Ok the other major reason why I like this product is because IT REALLY DOES STAY PUT!  I put this lip color on at 5AM, and forgot about it until hours later when I checked my face in the mirror after lunch (which was 8 hours from the first application), and it hadn’t moved!  YAY!  Something that actually does what it says!  You can wear this product with minimal touch ups or worries, and it also doesn’t ball up and turn into a weird residue on the lips (which is an issue I’ve had with other long wear lip colors!)

I would recommend using a makeup oil to remove it, because if you don’t you will have it on the next morning after you wake up!  That seems to be the most gentle and easy way to get it removed.  It comes in a lot of great colors, and I picked up a few of my favorites to show you!  I love the price, I love the performance of the product, and I know this a great one that you will be happy to add to your collection!  Hope you enjoy the drugstore tip, and happy shopping!  Xx