product essentials for TULUM aka it takes a VILLAGE……

It takes a village, it takes an army, somehow my bag for four days weighed 52 lbs to Tulum, and I couldn’t figure out why…….!!  I mean, all I’m wearing are swimsuits (which weigh nothing) and light sun dresses (which again weigh nothing) so what else did I bring?  I guess I brought 20 lbs worth of cosmetics….!!  I’d like to say I’m low-maintenance…..but hey I work in beauty so what do you expect!!!

To be fair, I packed A LOT of things that I didn’t use, but as I was completing my last day there and took a look in my bathroom, I realized that I needed to document what I brought to share with you guys.

On a side note, I love Tulum.  If you have followed me for a while, you’d know that I was just there in May with two of my closest friends, and they told me just before Thanksgiving that they wanted to go back over Christmas, and I was like, SIGN ME UP!  That is after I did some sweet talking to my Mom so she didn’t murder me for missing the family Christmas Festivities (which I went to Utah a few days prior and had an amazing time with the fam-bam too).  Imagine how my packing session went, snow clothes to beach clothes, it was quite a confusing puzzle to pack, but I seemed to manage A-OK.


Anyhoo, Tulum is full of magic, serenity, relaxation, exercise, incredible food, sunshine, rain storms, yoga, shamans, kind people, and adventure for me.  It’s my happy place, and I’m happy to go back as much as I can.  We ate at our favorite breakfast spot everyday called Sanara, which is all fresh, healthy, yummy, and makes amazing homemade Coconut Milk Lattes, walked (no joke) 7-10 miles a day, played by water and got some ocean swims, and ate at some amazing restaurants in the jungle every night.  I also got the massage of my dreams from a beautiful Mayan Shaman, and had a lot of time to reflect on 2016 and gear up for 2017.  It was a fantastic trip.


Here are the things that I couldn’t leave home without, I figure I’ll explain so maybe it can inspire you for your day to day or if you are going on any future trips to the beach!


TO keep it simple, I am going to go from left to right…..!

DOWNY Wrinkle Releaser:  All In One: Wrinkle Remover, Static Remover, Odor Eliminator, Fabric Refresher, Ironing Aid.  It’s magic in a bottle.  Spray on your clothes, and the wrinkles are gone.  Great for travel and/or at home when you are in a rush!

Go Smile Toothbrush:  I’ve written all about it HERE, but it’s my favorite toothbrush.It’s a fast-acting, powerful teeth whitener that’s also a bacteria-reducing electric toothbrush with soft bristle brush heads, delivering health and beauty benefits as you brush.  YES!!!

ORIBE Thick Dry Finishing Spray:  This spray pumps up the volume in the hair, giving it magic and fullness.  It helps finish and hold styles.  I like to spray in my hair dry, around the roots to mid-shaft to give it some texture and hold.  Without, my hair can fall pretty limp so I need all the help I can get (especially when I’m air-drying and in humid climates….).

KERASTASE Nutritive Shampoo, Masque, and Nectar Thermique: Shampoo is all around amazing!  Provides rich nutrition, including glucose, protein and lipids, for dry and damaged hair.  Masque is the same, and I tend to always use masques on my hair instead of regular conditioners.  Nectar Thermique is one of my all time favorite hair products, and I use it everyday.  It’s a thermal protectant and moisturizer.  Great for hair pre blow-dry, but I also will put in my hair dry on the ends as a finishing product as well.  It’s a unique jelly-lotion consistency and the smell is YUMMMM!  I’ve also written about this HERE.

CERAVE Hydrating Cleanser:  This is always a dermatologist recommended cleanser.  In face, I probably got this from my dermatologist.  It’s gentle, hydrating, non-comedogenic, and helps the skin maintain and restore the skin’s natural function.  It’s just all around a great, basic, gentle cleanser.  I like to use it when traveling to keep the skin and calm and non-irritated as possible.

CLARINS Roll On Deodorant:  Recommended to me from my doctor when I told her I had given up on deodorant because nothing was working.  THIS ONE WORKS!  I don’t know how or why, but it is my new obsession and if you are like me and have tried every deodorant under the sun without success (meaning clinical to natural)…..try this one!  Trust, I’m so glad I’ve found it!!

Kopari Coconut Balm + Coconut Oil:  The balm is perfect for travel, because it has a thicker consistency in a tube that is easy to put on, but you really feel nourished and moisturized.  It has fatty acid-rich, premium organic coconut oil, fast-absorbing shea concentrate, aloe vera, beeswax, and cocoa seed butter.  I like to add a little of the Oil on the top, especially at night for a beautiful glow and sheen on the skin!

St Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Mousse:  Holy Shit this bronzer is NEXT LEVEL!  Don’t let my pictures fool you, that wasn’t a tan from the sun, it was from this magic little bottle!  Why do I love it?  It is the easiest self tanner I’ve ever applied, it doesn’t have any sort of gross tanning smell, and the color is SO beautiful and natural.  It is in a mousse, and you apply it with a mitt, so it goes on SO easy, and doesn’t get all over your hands.  It is the BEST, and I highly recommend it!  This actually came from the Lilly Pulitzer collab kit that is PERFECTO for traveling…(Here is what the tan looks like, I used it two days in a row before bed.)


ORIBE Cream for Style:  I use this as a finishing product on my ends and it is pure love.  It tames frizz, and is firm yet flexible.  It gives the hair a lot of moisture, and some nice texture and pieciness.  If you struggle to find something to finish your hair with, look no further.  PLUS….the smell is to die for!!!

Urban Moonshine Digestive BITTERS:  I like to travel with these, and also throw these in my purse.  It is helpful if you are feeling not quite right: could be from traveling in a car, motion sickness, if you ate something and it just isn’t settling right, if you struggle with bloating, or just need help digesting.  You can use a dropper full in your water, or if you are hardcore like me I just drop it in my mouth and swallow.  They are amazing!

Malin + Goetz Vitamin B5 Body Moisturizer:  I love this brand!  I LOVE all M+G products, seriously!  This is such a fantastic moisturizer, and it contains Bergamot which is one of my favorite essential oils.  Can’t explain this lotion, other than your skin feels like pure silk after you use it.  Highly recommend!

SUNDAY RILEY Good Genes and TIDAL:  Ok you have heard me speak about Good Genes a million times. If you haven’t, look HERE AND HERE.  It’s a clarifying, line treating lactic acid treatment.  I use a pea size on my skin morning and night.  It’s a dream in a bottle, and you need to try it!  Tidal is a new product I’ve been testing, and I have really been impressed thus far.  This is a brightening enzyme that works for dryness, dullness, brightening, and dark spots, and uneven skintone.  I haven’t used it long enough to tell you the results of the spot lightening (especially since I’ve been in the sun), BUT so far I have really like the feeling on my skin and the lightweight feeling yet super moisturizing result.  Truthfully, you cannot go wrong with Sunday Riley.

St. Ives Apricot Scrub:  This exfoliator is just one of the top exfoliators I’ve ever used.  If you are looking for a great scrub, this is the one.  There is a reason it has one countless awards and is so popular.  It is just an amazing product all around.  I like to use this once-twice a week, and it’s especially good when you feel grimy from makeup, sunscreen, or just sweat.  If you have more sensitive skin, try mixing with a regular cleanser.  I was mixing this with the CeraVe to soften it a little bit.  If you don’t have this in your shower, you NEED to get it!

PETER THOMAS ROTH – Un-Wrinkle 24K Gold Intense Wrinkle Sheet Mask:  I had to copy and paste this directly from their site because it’s so interesting and they explain it so well!  “Impart an opulent glow minimize the appearance of fine lines & deep wrinkles with a blend of 18 neuropeptides & peptides. Hyaluronic acid hydrates & soothes skin for all skin types Premium, all-natural 100% cotton sheet masks are pre-soaked with potent anti-aging actives to help minimize the appearance of fine lines and deep wrinkles- instantly and over time. These single-use treatments adhere to the shape of the face, infusing skin with a powerful blend of 18 age-fighting neuropeptides and peptides, pure 24K Gold and Hyaluronic Acid. The blend of neuropeptides and peptides helps visibly reduce the appearance of the six most stubborn deep wrinkles and expression lines. 24K Gold, known to provide anti-inflammatory benefits, helps soothe and comfort skin. A potent humectant, Hyaluronic Acid, helps increase hydration levels of the skin by drawing and retaining water from moisture in the air. Each mask instantly energizes, illuminates and infuses a lackluster complexion as it helps replenish dull, dry and dehydrated skin. Skin texture is smooth and hydrated as the appearance of fine lines is noticeably diminished. Over time, deeper wrinkles and expression lines appear less visible for a more youthful, healthy looking appearance.”  I LOVE LOVE anything Peter Thomas Roth, and I highly recommend these masques!

LIVING PROOF Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo:  This dry shampoo is new to me, and I have been loving it.  It makes your hair look, feel, and smell clean.  And the smell is yum-yum fantastic.  I like how light weight it is, and it doesn’t leave and weird white residue.  It works on all hair colors.  The scent also is time released, so it will leave a fresh smell throughout the day.  It works well to remove oil, odor and sweat.

Insect Repellent:  I bought this from the hotel I was staying at (CoCo Tulum) and it was such a great insect repellent.  I did this the last time I was in Tulum as well (I stayed at Zulum).  Both times I bought the repellent locally, and I really feel like I had the best protection compared to my friends.  I only had one bite which is a miracle.  I’m not sure if it’s in my head, but I feel like since I bought locally it repelled better for the type of mosquitos down there.  I could be completely wrong, but really both times I was successful with repelling the bugs.  Trust me: if you go to Tulum bug spray is a MUST!


I also brought this JERGENS Hydrating Coconut lotion.  I have been into all the Jergens Lotions lately, and this one smells and feels so good!  It’s a great all over body moisturizer with coconut oil and coconut water , and I feel like the light coconut smell was perfecto for the tropical climate!


Well my friends, that is the highlight reel of my trip to Tulum and all the goodies that came along with me.  I also brought a lot of makeup that I didn’t use as much as I intended, so here is a few pics of those, and we will get into some of my faves there in a later post.  I think I gave you enough for one day.  However, I have written about this PCA Tinted Sunscreen, and you NEED TO GET IT!


Hope you all are having a fantastic holiday season and are gearing up for 2017.  It’s going to be a good one. XOXO