I wanted to follow up from my last post that talks all about my favorite foundations and transition right into concealer.  You may know this, but in case you don’t: it’s always foundation first, then concealer second.  Why?  If you conceal everything perfectly, then slap a creamy foundation over the top, your are bound to erase all of that hard work you just created.  That would be a huge bummer!  Plus, the foundation evens out the skin and gives it a nice base to add the concealer on top of what needs more attention.

For example: my foundation can cover most of my unevenness in my skin or redness, but I need more attention underneath my eyes or on a few sunspots.  Then of course, if you have a zit then you can give more attention to that as well.  HERE IS HOW TO COVER UP ZITS.  This was back a few months ago when my skin was being crazy… least we got to document it and learn how to cover them all up!


As far as favorite concealers: watch the video that explains it all and why….you may or may not be surprised since it’s products I’ve been loving for a while now.  Bonus at the end of the video are two primers I really love, for different reasons.  These products are all honestly my go-to’s on the job, and I can’t live without them!

It’s FriYAY, and I hope you are prepping for the best weekend ever!  XOXO

(and here is the link for the GRAFTOBIAN Palette…harder to find!)