PRO KIT: BLUSH edition

When I first started wearing makeup, blush was one of the first products I used.  Especially growing up in Washington where the sun doesn’t like to make an appearance for most of the year, blush was a key factor in looking alive and healthy!

I love BLUSH!  Blush, just as every category of makeup, comes in many types and textures.  Creams, powders,  and gels are probably the most common.  I love all of them for different reasons.  For me personally, it depends on mood, timing, and what the finished look is that I’m trying to achieve.  I bounce back and forth between a powder and a gel: but now that summer is here I will probably be wearing gels more often…..(and stay tuned for future posts because there are some new blushes out that I am excited about for summer!)


So this video is all about the blush I grab in my pro-kit when I am working.  As usual, it’s hard to narrow it down to your top-top favorites because I always love testing new things: but these are my common everyday grabs.  I’ll let this video do the explaining of my favorites!

If there is question about where to apply your blush, let me try to explain.  Look at yourself directly in the mirror.  SMILE!  See where your cheeks are the roundest and biggest, just right next to your nose?  That is the apple of your cheeks!  Start your blush in the center of the apple of your cheeks and then blend out towards your ears and down a little (almost making a blended upside-down triangle).  It’s important to really blend and build your blush.  Start off small, and keep adding more.  That way you guarantee not to have clown cheeks!

As far as blush colors go:  I would recommend having a few options.  I prefer to have a cool toned, a warm toned, and a neutral.  That is because it is really dependent on what my total makeup look is and what outfit I’m wearing.  If I am going for a bronzed makeup look, I want a warmer or more neutral blush.  If I am wearing a pink or blue outfit, I want to use a cool toned blush.  Once you get your skin even and neutral, you can really wear any tone of blush over the top.

My last advice is for photos specific.  If you are planning a photo session, you may want to add more blush than what you would on a normal daily basis.  It tends to wash away a little through a camera, so you need to add more than you normally would.  Again, if you are getting photos taken, bring it with you, check how you are looking in the camera, and then add more until you get to the desired result.  For example, it was hard for me to find a good blush picture of myself to add to this post, because on a day to day selfie, the camera is not going to pick up enough of my blush to make it a feature in the picture.  Make sense?

Hope the tips help, and you enjoy the video.  Share with me and the other readers what you favorite blushes are…..!  BTW, happy June!  I can’t believe we can finally say it’s Summer!  XO

Here is the link for the Senna Cosmetics blush palette: a little harder to find!