Tweezerman Brush iQ Makeup Brushes

Perfect Contouring with TWEEZERMAN

Do you CONTOUR?  ….or better yet, do you wish you knew how to contour, but you are afraid of it, or it just seems a little too complicated?  I know for me as a makeup artist, it is one of the top requests I get from my followers, clients, or friends.  Most people say with a sigh, “I wish I knew how to contour….!”  Then it’s usually followed with some sort of story of how they tried and had crazy brown war paint across their face, or they just ended up looking dirty!

What if I were to grant you all of your wishes of learning how to contour today, and prove to you just how EASY it is?  By the end of this post and video, you will be a contour PRO and be able to do it in under a minute, and have it blended perfectly!  But first, there are a few tools and steps that you need in order to get you set up for success.


I know that I am more of a minimal makeup artist when it comes to using brushes with my eyeshadows, but when it comes to my skin and contouring, I ALWAYS use brushes.  It’s the best way to get the most natural, flawless results.  I’m using some new Tweezerman Brush iQ Brushes, and they are fantastic and give the perfect blend.  They are made with DuPont™ Natrafil® filaments, which feel like and perform better than natural hair cosmetic brush fibers.  I love that they are not made with animal hair, and are more hygienic than animal bristles.  I have found that they also have better pick up and release, and go on with a more uniform application.

I want you to watch this quick video, and then I will go into detail the what and the how of each step!

Step 1: After your skin is prepped and moisturized, start with your foundation.  Any creamy foundation will do.  Lately I have been using the Koh gen do Moisture Foundation in #113.  I applied it to my hand and used the Tweezerman Flat Top Foundation Brush to pick it up and buff it into my skin.  Think of “wax on, wax off” using circular motions until you cover all areas of the face.

Step 2:  Next up, apply your concealer.  I’m still stuck on the Maybelline Master Conceal, and I applied it with my fingers, and then used the Tweezerman Contour Concealer Brush to blend.  I love that this brush fits the shape of the under eye perfectly, and has a point at the end to get in the hard to reach corners of the eyes.  I like to use my fingers first to really get the product on, and then go in with the dry brush to smooth and blend in with the foundation for a flawless finish.

Step 3: THE EXCITING PART!  This is part one of two of the contouring!  I actually used a foundation for my contour color.  I love doing that because it goes on creamy and the tone is nice and neutral.  I used Bobbi Brown’s Foundation Stick in Natural.  I applied it to the hollows of my cheeks, starting at my ears with the Tweezerman Pointed Foundation Brush.  I love that this brush fits perfectly into smaller areas to get perfect precision and details.  I also swept the color along my jawline, because who doesn’t want a more defined jaw;)!

Step 4:  THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT STEP!  You gotta blend, girl!  I’m so excited about this Tweezerman Finishing Contour Brush, and it’s the first time I’ve used a brush like this…SWOON!  The angle of the brush ensures you can get into the detailed areas with ease, and the dual fiber gives the softest, most beautiful blend.  I literally just buffed out the dark foundation and it made magic!

Step 5:  To make a great contour look finished, you need blush.  I used the Urban Decay Afterglow Blush in Fetish.  I love the Tweezerman Blush Brush because it fits perfectly onto the apples of the cheeks, where I start the blush, and it’s so soft to blend into the contour.


It’s so cool that makeup can instantly give your face so much more dimension and definition, and thanks to great brushes, everything looks natural so you don’t look like you are wearing makeup!  Now that I know how to contour, I do it almost everyday, and it is just apart of my routine.  Once you get it down it’s so fast and easy, and it makes the biggest difference to really bring out the features of your face.  I know most women comment that they feel slimmer, sexier, and more defined with a little bit of contour.

NOW THE FUN PART!!!  Now that you guys are contouring geniuses and know the proper technique, I want to invite you to take the Contouring Challenge.  Just share a photo of your finished contour look on Instagram or Twitter using the #RealBeautyGenius hashtag for a chance to win the complete Tweezerman BrushiQ Collection or a Contouring Mini Kit.  (There are more brushes that I didn’t even mention….!)  You will also be required to fill out the entry form with your name and email address, which is located HERE!  Also, tag me on your photos, I LOVE seeing your pretty faces and your amazing makeup artist skills!  My Instagram is @nikkideroest.  GOOD LUCK, and I can’t wait to see your skills! Xx