• July 19, 2016
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A Peek into my Beauty Organization

I was interviewed recently by Pop Sugar Beauty on how I organize all of my beauty products.  A great question, because now when I reflect about it I realize how much of a process it has been for me.  I’d love for you to check out the whole story HERE.  I share some of my tips for organizing, along with a handful of other beauty experts.  It’s always fascinating to see other people’s ways of organizing.  I also wanted to share some more photos and insight for my personal organization here and now!

It’s funny how much a clean and organized house means to me.  I get a little OCD I’m afraid, and can’t focus if things are a mess or out of place.  My home no matter how big, small, or fancy, or humble has always been important to me.  I need the space to be able to inspire me, and a place where I can work and have a creative energy.  Don’t get me wrong: I do make messes…..it happens to all of us, however, I can’t go more than a day with a left mess in the house.  If you are struggling with this, I’d encourage you to make the effort to pick up your house either every night before bed or first thing in the AM before your coffee.  It makes such a big difference on your day and mood.  Also, time yourself.  Truly, once I started timing myself, I realized how most chores around the house literally take only 10-15 minutes.  It’s crazy!  Something so big and daunting really takes no time if you put your mind to it….and maybe some good tunes in the background.

ANYWAYS, when I started blogging, word got out and I started receiving packages from different beauty brands to try out to use for my blog and in my kit that I take on jobs.  Like coolest thing in the world, right? No it really is cool and I really feel blessed that people are so generous, with in hopes the return that I can find cool things to share with you guys!  Anyways, it got to a point where I used to get stressed instead of excited when I got a package.  I got overwhelmed with the idea of what I was going to do with the product, and how I would store it while I wasn’t using it.  (At this time I was living in a little studio apartment, so you could understand the major stress!)  Luckily, I was able to move to a bigger space where I actually have  a closet dedicated to my products.  I call it my beauty closet!


So the big tip if you have a lot of makeup and want to organize it, is to go to your local craft store.  They have the best bins for organizing because they are big, but not too deep.  You want a large shallow box so you can see everything that you have.  As you can see, I labeled and sub categorized everything so that it was simple and easy to access.


Also small little bags are great for eyeliners, lipliners, or smaller items to keep it all separated.  I did this also with skincare, haircare, and anything else that I had enough of that was worthy of it’s own bin.


I also bought this little rolling cart from the craft store.  It is made for scrapbooking, but is perfect to store things in, and might be a better bet if you don’t have the thousands of products like I do…LOL!  Also, craft stores literally ALWAYS have coupons, so guarantee if you buy one of these bigger items you will get it for 40% off.


This is a vintage buffet I bought of Craigslist for $50.  Yup.  Score!  It does need a little paint job, but I don’t mind it’s worn in look.  This is in my dining room, which typically seconds as my office, so sometimes I keep new products up on this buffet for a week while I’m testing the products and need it fresh and at my attention.  It does feel good when it’s nice and clean like it is in this picture.

Moving on, I also like to keep my products out in my bathroom and bedroom.  Think of it like creating a display like in a store!


I don’t use all of these products daily, but will rotate out what gets to be out on the shelf based on what I’m using.  Truthfully, sometimes if you are a brand with pretty packaging, you will also make the shelf!


I also like to put some plants and little displays out on the counter for general use and ambience.


Don’t forget areas above your toilet matter to….along with some great spray to freshen up the room!


Lastly, I bought another vintage dresser from the flea market.  I was inspired by going to the Apartment at the Line, where they have all of their beauty products displayed with perfection.  If you are in LA or NYC, you have to check them out!


SO my dresser is basically made up of knick-knacks, that I’ve purchased from various places.  Some are from Goodwill where I literally spent $0.99, and a lot of others were actually purchased at Target!


All of the marble pieces and bowls were from Target, and the wood container as well!  Honestly check out their bathroom organization section right now, they have a lot of good stuff!  The other marble pieces were in the kitchen section.  Kitchen organization can easily be translated in the beauty closet as well!


All three of these pieces above are from Target!


I did dedicate this drawer to all of my products so that when I’m doing my makeup in the morning I can just pull it open and go to town.  Of course what is living in this drawer is always rotating depending on what I’m currently testing, and what is an oldie but goodie that I can’t get rid of!

I hope this post was able to inspire you and give you some ideas for your own home!  Remember to keep your eyes open when it comes to organizing and literally think outside the box.  I always frequent the thrift stores and Goodwill because you never know what random treasures your going to find that will suit just what you need for your house!  Xx