• February 15, 2016
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Nordstrom STYLE BAR

WAIT, hold up, did you read that right?  Yes, yes you did.  Did you know that Nordstrom has a beauty style bar?  I actually didn’t.  Until about a week ago.  Now I’m obsessed!  I stopped by this week to experience it for myself, and I am more than impressed!

I went in for a manicure and pedicure, and I learned SO much, which I’m going to tell you all  about.


They have three different types of Beauty Bars in select Nordstrom stores, some are express (which is like the one I did at The Grove in LA called Style Bar), and then some stores have full spas or express spas .  Cool huh?  Now I realize that this is kind of a new program for Nordstrom, so not all stores have this as an option.  I would, however, recommend you doing a little research with the Nordstrom stores in your area to see if it’s available.  If you CLICK HERE, it shows what stores have a full spa/express spa/style bar.


Not only do they offer nail services (gels included), but they have a blow-dry and style bar, a brow bar, and in select stores waxing and full facials, and full spa services.  What is the benefit of going to Nordstrom?  It’s the same reason we go to Nordstrom for shopping.  You can expect top customer service, and to feel completely taken care of.  The prices are comparable to any other salon, but the service is next level.

Specifically what is so exciting with the nail services is that you can use any nail polish that is sold in the store.  SO if you have been coveting brands such as Tom Ford, Chanel, Dior, Nars, Deborah Lippmann, Butter London, MAC, etc…..you can use any of those polishes.  LOVE!



I also learned something very interesting today from my manicurist.  She was explaining to me how most spas are on such a time crunch to save money and make money, that they sometimes take shortcuts with their processes.  One being with the cuticles.  Most regular manicures include soaking your hands, and then pushing and trimming back the cuticles.  What that actually does is expand your cuticles, so when they get cut, more cuticle gets removed than actually needed.  The proper approach is to groom the cuticles dry so you only take off what is really dry or hanging, which promotes a healthier and safer nail bed and fingernail.  It makes so much sense, and now will be the only way moving forward that I will have my fingers manicured.  I thought you guys might like to know about that too!  I also tend to always get cut from a lot of manicurists being so aggressive with my cuticles, so I’m happy to know that there is an alternate solution.


I’m so excited to know that I know have the opportunity to get an amazing service at a place that I already adore (you know Nordstrom was my first job in the beauty world…..).  I’m excited to go back to try their blowout bar as well.   They also have Anastasia Beverly Hills as their brow specialists, so you know if you are in need, they have a very reputable brand performing that service.

Anyways, hope you like this little new found information, and if you are a local in LA, I highly recommend you checking out the Style Bar at The Grove.  Perfect multi-tasking: shopping, getting treatments, and being in a chic environment.  All perfect in my book!  Also know that I think I just discovered some of the best manicurists (Van and Sophia) so make sure to tell them hi for me when you go in!  XO