You need a 90’s Brown Lip

What once was always returns, and the trends of the 90’s have come back in a major way.  It’s interesting when you are at the age that it’s actually YOUR childhood that is being re-lived in trends and you remember showing up to elementary or jr. high sporting whatever was cool at the time.  Now I know how my parents feel, and also how they have to laugh at us when we are dressing from the 60’s without ever living that era.


Chokers, double buns, adidas anything, crop tops and baby tees, oversized jackets, braids, one piece bathing suits…..and the list can go on and on.  In sticking with the trends, we need to update our makeup wardrobe too, and the easiest way to do it is by adding in a nice brown lip stain.  Nothing is more 90’s than this.

BROWN you say?!  As you know me with every bright, coral, pink, or red lip everyday, you could imagine I myself was even reluctant to try.  Nudes just aren’t my thing, and I never had tried a brown, so I wasn’t sure how that would go.


Luckily, Serge Lutens made this an easy fix, by providing the most phenomenal brown lip stain I’ve ever gotten my hands on.  I think the key to this trend is the consistency of the product, and to pull it off it needs to be a STAIN!  It’s a water based gel stain, that you can literally layer to your desired color.  One swipe is a barely there flush, and if you keep going you can layer it to a bolder finish.  The packaging is so chic, and the applicator was made to fit perfectly on the lips.


My favorite beauty site in the world Violet Grey did an exclusive with Serge Lutens, so you can pick up this dreamy lip stain and also be inspired by all the beauty porn their site has to offer.  Like seriously, beauty GOALS!  If you don’t know about Violet Grey, you are about to enter a world of so much inspiration that it hurts.


You can find the color 5 Terre d’Ombres HERE!  They also have another color Chardon that I’m totally going to pick up next because its a nice just bitten berry.  The stain is just so good I need to have it in every color!


My application advice is to apply the product with the applicator, and then blend and pat into the lips with your finger.  That will really help the product absorb into your lips and also disperse the product evenly.  Truly it’s a layering product, so you can keep going to your hearts desire.  (First picture is one layer of the stain, the second is with two layers!)


As you can see in these photos, my go at the 90’s trend turned out cooler and better than I had originally thought, and I am excited to start to incorporate this trend moving into late summer and especially into fall.  I hope you guys try this trend with me, and check out this amazing product that will guide you in the process!  Xx