Oh hey are you a polish addict like myself?  I was using gel polishes in the salon for a while, but it was sad for me because I wasn’t able to change my polish every 4 days like my addictive personality likes to do!  I love trying new colors and freshening up my polish, so the 2 week staying power of salon gel manicures just weren’t dong it for me anymore!  (haha I’m sure I’m the opposite of most girls….)


What is so cool and refreshing is that now I feel like we have options with polishes and we can get the staying power of salon gel manicures, but at home.  I’ve talked in the past about my love for the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel formula, and recently have been trying this formula from Nails Inc. called One Coat Gel Effect Polish.

Here’s the skinny on the Nails Inc Gel Effect:

A breakthrough formulation that uses the latest technology in adherence polymers to create a super strong bond between the film and the nail.

The formula also uses generous amounts of solids for a high impact colour, and perfect one stroke plumping application. The high level of pigments are complemented with a specific polymer that allows the polish to dry fast and maintain shine and endurance. The range also features Nails Inc.’s patented Regenerating Complex (a two-fold Aldehyde, Zinc and Calcium blend), that aids in harder, stronger nails.


Here’s what I adore about this line.  Well, THE COLORS.  I cannot express my love for this color range into words!  I feel like it’s one of the few lines that has a range where I would wear every single color.  They are so versatile, and so in with what is going on with nail polish right now.


I also love the staying power and shine you get from this polish.  Don’t let me fool you: even though I do like to change my polish a lot, I have tested this and worn it for over a week, and it doesn’t chip.  It has a shine like the salon gel manicures do, and I receive many compliments when wearing it.

nails inc gel polish

Above picture in “Kensington Mews”

Here’s my recommend: it gets confusing because this is called the “one coat gel polish.”  From my personal experience, I haven’t gotten the results I’ve wanted with just one coat.  I like a full coverage finish, so I would recommend two coats.  I’ve tried many of the colors, and one coat does not cover fully.  So make sure to do two coats, and use a top coat such as the Gel Effect Topcoat with Kensington Caviar.

nails inc gel polish

Above picture in “Portobello Lane”

I found this formula in the UK, and you can check out their selection HERE.  I also found the cutest mini kit with a few colors for only $25 at Ulta, and you can link to it HERE!  The five colors they chose for this mini kit are AMAZING!  Do you love polish as much as I do?  Tell me about it!  I want to know your favorites, and if you have any formulas that are like a gel finish, but you can do at home!  Xx