My Pro Kit: Eyebrow GO-TO’s

I bet you want to know what my hand reaches for when I have to do eyebrows on my models or celebrities, right?!

IMG_7098As you know, I am constantly using, testing, and experimenting with makeup products and different brands every single day.  Some I love, some I don’t care for, and some I’m kind of indifferent towards.  However, I have noticed while I’m working there are my staple products that I go to time and time again.

That’s what this video is all about!  I collected some of my favorite powders, pens, and gels from my kit to share with you.  I’ve also written a lot about brows in the past, including some of these products I’ve mentioned in the video with tutorials if you want to go more in depth.  Those articles and all of the products are linked below!  Let me know after you watch this video if you want me to share more of my Pro Product Go-To’s.  I can talk makeup all day long, (well beauty of all kinds, actually) so if you want to learn more, let me know! XO

I’m talking about the Stila Brows HERE.

I’m talking about Senna Brows + Supermodel Brows HERE.

I’m talking about Maybelline Brow Drama HERE.


Senna Highlight Duo | Senna Brow Palette | Senna Brow Fix X | Sorry I can’t find the Chanel!