• April 06, 2015
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My Hair Story: A One Year Journey

I started realizing how much I have changed my hair the past year after looking back at pictures, and I thought it would be fun to share with you guys.  I had no idea, because I guess in my mind it seemed so subtle or “right” to me every time I did it.  One thing you do need to know about me, however, is that I’m not very attached to my hair.  I typically never overthink it too much when I go to make changes, and I never get too upset with change.  I usually just look in the mirror and think, “OK, so this is your new hair now.  You’ll get used to it in about three days.”  It’s funny how the hair length, color, shape, and style also can change so much how I looked.  It definitely sets the tone for my makeup and wardrobe choices as well.  So, here we go, a little picture diary!  ENJOY!

January 2014: Milan, Italy.  I was tired of my old ombre and colored it all to my natural color.  You can see my natural growing, including my GREY HAIR!!! eeeeeeeekkkk!

photo 2

Feb 2014: Rockin the dark waves (darker does make it shinier for sure!)

photo 3

April 2014: Back to LA and the sun is starting to lighten my hair and I gave myself a razor haircut to take out some weight and give it more movement.  Note: Look how fast my hair grew from January!

photo 3

May 2014:  I started to lighten my hair.  Very subtle, mostly through the ends.

photo 2

Late May 2014:  I continued to lighten my hair.  I do remember this one feeling shocking and I was actually a little bit scared about it.  Until I posted a picture on Instagram and everyone was so excited!

photo 4June 2014: The lightening continues, and letting all of my hair grow, grow, grow!

photo 1

July 2014:  Frolicking around in the French Countryside, with some different hair styles!

photo 1photo 4photo 3

August/Sept 2014: Light and long, with my fringe grown out!

photo 1photo 1

October 2014:  Tired of my hair so what to do: CUT MY FRINGE!

photo 3photo 3photo 2

November 2014: Started lightening my hair and chopped off some length.


December 2014:  It’s getting lighter!


January 2014:  Of course, already tired of the fringe, so growing them out….


February 2015:  Found myself the best colorist in LA, and let her start to get the warmth out of my hair


March 2015: Another chop, chop, loving shorter hair!


April 2015:  Loving it lighter and shorter….let’s see what’s next….!


I hope you enjoyed my little hair journey!  I didn’t think much of it until I started to flashback on pictures!  WOW what a year can do in the world of hair.  Hope some of these images can inspire you, and remind you to have fun, and take chances.  What is your favorite hair look on me?  I’m curious to know!  Xx