• August 04, 2015
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Mountain Fresh: Italian Style

….ahhh my first stop on my European holiday, the beautiful Italian mountainside! I have to admit that this part of my trip was quite the surprise! Actually, I came into this trip with a very open schedule. The only firm plans that I had were in Paris for a wedding, but everything before and after those dates were up in the air.

I was picked up from the airport by my boyfriend (who resides in Milan at the moment) and he told me that we were not headed to Milan, but instead going to the mountains!  Of course the type A part of my personality that likes to plan and be in control at all times was a little stressed….going directly to the mountains, staying at someone’s house I didn’t know for the first time, trying to come off of jet lag in a foreign place, and just in general having NO IDEA where I was going (without WIFI….haha)!  Fortunately, I told all of those little monsters in my head to go away, and instead thought: “Nikki, you are here in a beautiful country with the love of your life, and you are about to go on an adventure!  Just go with it, have fun, and see what happens….!”

….and here is what we pulled up to:


OK. So not stressed anymore, instead I was basically crying with joy.  Not only do I have a deep deep love for Italy, I have an even deeper love for small Italian villages off of the beaten path or not in the typical tourist spots.  This was a small mountain town, called Pollino, near Lago Maggiore.  My boyfriend Albi was invited by his friend Leo to stay at his families house in this small village.  It is their mountain home, and is used a few months out of the year when they are not residing in Milano or the Seaside.  What I love about this home is that the family that owns it travels the world, and you can definitely feel that in the way that his mother decorated the house.  For me, it was basically a dream.  So much inspiration and a Pinterest dream home!  I obviously couldn’t stop taking pictures, so get ready for a lot of eye candy!


I spent a lot of time in this corner, daydreaming out the window and having a full relax.  I didn’t have any internet or wifi while I was here, which was on one part challenging since I rely on it so much, but also completely relaxing to really enjoy my surroundings and not have to feel like I have to be on checking things and looking at things constantly from my phone/computer.


I also ate homemade meals and had fresh fruit, delicious Italian Coffee, and long chats with friends.  Dream world, right?  It couldn’t imagine a better way to start my vacation.


We went into town for exploring and GELATO, of course, and it was so beautiful to see the city surrounding the lake.


Needless to say, I am so grateful that this was the way I could start my holiday in Italy/Europe.  It was so beautiful, and I am already dreaming of when I can return.  Furthermore, I learned a great lesson of being more open-minded, relaxed, and taking a break from computers and iPhones.  Thanks for letting my share my travel diary with you, and I have much more coming from every city I visited!



*Both the dress and romper are from Forever21

*Shoes are Solsana

*Backpack is Meli Melo Handbags

*Nail Polish is Sally Hansen Miracle Gel in B-Girl