• March 21, 2015
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Milan Moments

I wanted to take you back to some memories and moments from Milan from this past Fashion Week.  I am always the biggest tourist, taking a million pictures with my camera wherever I turn.  Everything is incredible to me over there, and even though I’ve visited a lot, it never gets old.


Case and point!  I’ve walked by the Duomo a million times, and it takes my breath away at every glance.  I also love to catch the little moments, that melt my heart.


One thing is for certain, when I’m walking around Italy, I’m always looking up.  There is always so much incredible and unique detail on every building, and I love to sit and imagine it being built all of those centuries ago.


I love walking around Brera, and taking a stop always to Frida’s to look at their gorgeous blooms.


I also have to stop and take the obvious tourist photos….like scooters and gelato ALL DAY LONG!


My bestie Chiara Ferragni had her first shoe presentation, and it was in the most epic location EVER!


I had died and gone to heaven, and I want heaven to look just like this!  Some days were free days, and I got to hang out with my sweetheart and drink {American} Coffee, and stroll through the city, and also got to have lunch dates with other friends….powered by pizza and buffalo mozzarella (MY FAVE!)


I also got to celebrate the launch of a dear friend of mine, Candela’s new magazine called The Fashionable Lampoon.  It was such an amazing masquerade party….but guess who forgot her mask….WHOOPS!


I get a kick out of the little things, like going to the super markets in Italy.  This one is extreme because it is SO big, but I had to take pictures of some of the good stuff….


Campagnole are some of my faves, but I can’t buy them because I will literally eat the whole bag.  And Nutella…..well, you know, don’t even get me started!  I always cherish my time in Milan.  I realize it’s not the most “gorgeous city” (so the locals say) compared to others in Italy, and I can’t wait to explore the south of Italy hopefully in the near future.  What I do know: I love the people, I love the culture, I love the food, and I love the history.  So thank you Italy, for bringing to me the sweet life!  CIAO BELLA!