MAY Product Favorites!

Hey guys!  News flash….it’s JUNE!  Wow sometimes I forget, and completely get my seasons mixed up here in LA.  Especially because the weather lately has felt more like Spring.  The only downfall to June here in California is what we call June Gloom.  It’s always foggy in the morning, and then the sun comes out in the afternoon.  It’s a little tough for a girl like me that is very affected by light.  I need a lot of bright light to make me feel my best.  Is that weird?  Anyone else like that?  I think my next apartment I find will be a little challenging because that is on the top of the list for me.  How I grew up in Seattle is beyond me….no wonder I was SO TIRED all of the time as a teenager!

Anyways, back to the purpose of this post.  As you know, I do a lot of product talking and reviews on this blog.  I walk around my house and realize how many goodies I have laying around that I need to tell you about.  It’s overwhelming myself, and I don’t want to overwhelm you either, so I’m just monthly going to tell you a few of my favorite things.  Sound good?

So without further ado, here are the things this past month that I am TOTALLY INTO right now and want you to know about.  The video explains it all, and I hope you enjoy! XO

Here is the link to the VUE SET Lipstick Palette, amongst other palettes.  YAY!


Link to EKATALA body butter, amongst other great products that are all vegan, organic, and biodegradable.

Link to Hydra Facial MD Sunscreen.  Sorry, after I made this I realized it’s a little difficult to find!