• October 06, 2016
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Mask Experts: Erno Laszlo!

I have been oohing and aahing over the new Erno Laszlo masks the past couple weeks and I cannot wait to share a little bit more information about them with you!  I have talked about them a little bit on snapchat, and truthfully it is the best sheet mask I’ve ever used on my skin!

They are pore-refining, moisture-boosting, concern-driven masks.  They are HYDROGEL MASKS!!


SOOTHE & CALM HYDROGEL MASK (SENSITIVE SKIN): Calms, smooths and evens sensitive skin for an unrivaled complexion. An innovative-delivery gel mask bestows potent hydrating, anti-inflammatory actives deep into pores for a finish that positively gleams.

Rose Oil refines skin texture while keeping moisture where it belongs; deep in your skin.

Honeysuckle Extract evens your tone as it soothes and calms for extraordinary comfort.

Skullcap Root, from the mint family, protects delicate skin and promotes cell renewal for vitality.

EXFOLIATE & DETOX HYDROGEL MASK (PORE-MINIMIZING): Illuminates dull skin with deeply delivered antioxidants and extracts. An innovative-delivery gel mask removes dead skin cells and detoxifies, deep down, for a poreless appearance that radiates with alluring vivacity.

Charcoal draws out impurities from pores while refining your skin and revealing a fresh complexion.

AHA Fruit Blend gently whisks away surface dead skin, imparting a radiant glow.

Kiwi Extract helps you produce collagen and repairs damaged cells while you wait.

FIRM & LIFT HYDROGEL MASK SET (RESTORATIVE): Firms as it improves skin elasticity for impeccably contoured smoothness. An innovative-delivery gel mask bestows concentrated botanical extracts and oils, penetrating pores to remove toxins while your skin is totally revived.

Argan Oil neutralizes free radical damage and restores skin lipids for moisturized protection.

Algae Extract prevents water loss and removes toxins.

Grapefruit Extract fills out fine lines, contours and plumps skin with its sky-high water content.


These are game changing masks and I would highly recommend you giving them a try.  I am not lying when I say that I’ve never seen such noticeable results from using a sheet mask as I have with these.  Sheet masks are great to have on hand for big events, after a long night out, or as a weekly ritual to treat yourself and your skin.  I like having the three different options so I can diagnosis my skin on that given moment and give it the right ingredients that it needs.  I hope you guys give these a try, they come highly recommended from me to you! Xx