• January 11, 2014
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Mascara Love (of the moment)

Wow what a big question, what mascara do you use? or like? or love? or recommend……. I could be here all day writing on this topic!  I am an eyelash lover- a mascara lover- and have been ever since I have been wearing makeup.  When I was young and started to make my own money, you better believe I would spend (waste) it on every type of mascara the drug store would make. I was SO curious, and wanted to try to find the best!  Then on to working a department store- where I had access to every big cosmetic brand at my fingertips….going from the drugstore prices to department store prices was quite the jump!  I had to go from trying 5 new ones at a time to only one at a time.  Luckily, I had friends that worked for different brands and would recommend their favorites.

So just a heads up- this topic will for ever be changing- because I will always be trying new mascaras.  I also believe that there are different mascaras you will want to use for different makeup looks and moments.   Here are my current loves and go-to’s-

Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Volumizing Mascara

It’s a highly water-resistant, volumizing mascara that stays in place until you say when!  I love this formula (if you are in the market for waterproof) because of the texture of the mascara.  It really gives great volume to the eyelashes and doesn’t weigh them down.  It also has a really unique brush that is triangular.  With this shape you are really able to get to the base of the lashes and it coats the lashes beautifully.  You can build this mascara- (1-3 coats) and still have full, fluttering lashes!

Lancome Definicils

For lavishly long, perfectly defined lashes, this iconic award-winning mascara provides the ultimate in separation.  I remembered I always heard people talking about this mascara for years and years……and who knows why I never tried it????  I think because it was too popular- I lost interest.  Luckily, years later on a random day I decided to buy it.  Now it’s a standard in my makeup kit!  They really hit a home run with this formula and design of the brush.  It has specially grooved bristles that hold the perfect amount of product for gradual, even application every time.

Lancome Hypnose Doll Lashes

Lancôme’s most flirtatious lash look!  It’s a volumized, extended, and full lash fringe for a wide-eyed look.  I really have had men tell me my eyelashes look fluttery when wearing this mascara- no joke!  I randomly was given a tube of this last summer and it was love at first application.  I typically don’t like mascaras when I first open the package- it’s almost like they need a week to get some air to them or something…..but not with this one!  I love the shape of the brush as well because you are able to get into the hard to reach corners.  The formula of the mascara is also on the “drier” side (if that makes sense) so it doesn’t weigh the lashes down and you are able to build upon it with 1-3 coats.

Diego Dalla Palma Mascara A GoGo

I love using this mascara when I’m working on Photoshoots!  It is so versatile and I have found it works on all different lash types.  I love the brush as well- it is fatter than the other brushes I have mentioned earlier- but it helps the lashes curl and look really full.

Young Blood Mineral Lengthening Mascara

It combines a volumizing formula with conditioning benefits for perfectly extended and defined lashes.  It has a nice long, narrow brush for a super easy application.  I feel like the brush is a little more on the dense side, so you are able to get a lot of mascara on the lashes with even just one coat.  It’s mineral formula also moisturizes and strengthens, which is a total added bonus.  I just discovered this mascara and I absolutely love it!

I will apologize- I am out of the drugstore mascara phase at the moment because I have so many other mascaras and I haven’t had the need to get more from the drugstore.  That doesn’t mean I won’t or that I think I’m too good for it…. I promise in the future I will do research strictly on the current best of mascaras from the drugstore.  If you have any mascaras you love and want me to try, please write me and tell me all about it!  Butterfly Kisses…..Xx!