Loreal Colour Riche Lip Balm {Obsession}

IMG_8426Obsession is the truth!  This is what I’ve been wearing on my lips lately: on repeat!  This winter I’ve really gotten into tinted chapsticks and balms.  I’ve written earlier about Burt’s Bees and Almay, which I love, but these Colour Riche Lip Balms from Loreal are AMAZING!


They are pretty straight forward: they moisturize and tint your lips.  I’d say they would be best described as a sheer lipstick with a touch of gloss.  Here’s why I love them:

*They keep the lips moist (especially in the dry winter months.)

*You can experiment with bright colors or tones without being obnoxious.  Think of a sheer pop of red or pink….they are fantastic for daytime.

*If you like a slight bit of color on your lips or are an avid chapstick user, this gives you more glam and fullness than an ordinary chapstick.

*It’s a perfect cheat to make your lips look bigger by using these….you can draw a little outside of the lines and it’s very forgiving.  It makes the power pout look super voluminous!

*They are a great gateway into lipstick wearing if you are afraid of wearing color, but want to venture out.

*There are a million shade choices for every mood or scenario!

*Great low price tag!


Funny that I just made a love list of why these balms are awesome, but you know me…..if I’m obsessed I have to share!  I made a quick little video so that you can (kind of) see them in action.  All the colors go on a lot more sheer than they look in the tube.  Hope you enjoy the tip!

PS I just arrived in Milan from New York (CIAO!) and am trying to stay awake to fight the jet lag while typing this…..so if I sound like a weirdo or there are any typos….SO SO SORRY!! Excited to be back in Milan, and will be kicking off Milan Fashion Week on Wednesday.