Bonjour from Paris!  The truth is, I’ve been sick ever since I’ve been here…(insert sad face here).  I started feeling cold symptoms my last day in Milan, and I thought I could kick it, but I’m now on day 5 of a pesky cold that won’t go away.  Luckily, I have been able to fake it with makeup, and the sunshine has been out everyday so that always makes everything seem a little bit better.  Paris is SO beautiful and inspiring to me, and it’s a shame I haven’t been able to walk around and explore a little bit more, but I still have a few days left, so I’m trying to rest up so that I can get stronger and make my last days count.


SO enough about the sad stuff and more on to the tip of the day!  I have been playing around with this lip product from Loreal called Infallible Pro Last Lipcolor.  Basically it’s made to be LONG LASTING, they say up to 16 hours.  (OK truth: I don’t know about it lasting that many hours…..but I will tell you it does STAY ON!)  I didn’t do a whole day timer test, but I did put it on in the morning, drank coffee, blew my nose 1,000 times, ate lunch, and then looked in the mirror, and it was still on perfectly!


What I’m getting at is this: if you are sick you know how many times you are grabbing the tissue to blow your nose.  I don’t know about you, but if I’m not feeling my best but still have to keep it together to be out in public, I feel a little better with some color on my lips.  Typically, if you are constantly wiping your nose, the lipstick wipes right off!  Not with this product.  It totally has been saving me thus far!  I also have been using it a lot this Fashion Week for long lasting color with minimal touch ups.  I love that this line has a HUGE range of colors:  You can go super nude/natural, to bold/bright.


One tip with the application:  I’ve found that if I apply it too thick, by a few hours of wearing it gets flakey and starts to peel off.  I really feel that less is more with this product, and you need to be certain your lips are dry with no other products on them before applying.  After you apply it, don’t rub your lips together.  Let it completely dry and sink into your lips.  Once they are dry, you are free to use the balm that comes with it (as step 2 of the application).  It will give the lips a little shine and moisture!


If you are looking for something long-wearing that won’t break the bank, has a ton of color options, and is assessable everywhere, this is your new lippie to try!  That’s all for now….I’m off to go beautify my little doll Chiara Ferragni for the day, and I wish you all the best Sunday and HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY!  XO