Little Flower Child

I LOVE me a good romper!  It might be because I don’t have to think and I have a complete outfit in one step.  The only time I don’t like them is when I drink a TON of water (like always) and have to strip down to go to the bathroom….(you know what I mean, wink wink!).


I also LOVE FAST FASHION!  That is why Forever 21 has always been a favorite store of mine.  On trend clothes and affordable prices.  My closet has always had a fast turn over rate, so it’s important for me not to spend too much money on certain pieces in my wardrobe.  Don’t get me wrong, I love designer pieces and unique designers as well, so it really is just depending on the level of what I want to purchase.  I know the pieces I will keep in my wardrobe forever and I am willing to spend more money on them, but I also know the pieces that I want for a particular trend that I will give away after a season.  You feel me?


I have to say that I have always been a pretty good F21 shopper: and it’s all about patience.  Here are a few rules to follow:

*Don’t go on a weekend.  Just don’t.  The crowds are heavy, and you will get overwhelmed and leave.  I prefer if possible to go early morning when it first opens.

*Know the “theme” of your mood or what you are looking for on that particular shopping trip.  I feel like because the stores are SO all over the place, you have to know what you are shopping for.  Usually I will go with an idea of what I’m after, like: needing more tops in my wardrobe, or needing dresses or rompers, or looking for basics.  I even will go with a certain trip or weekend in mind, and then I shop based on the mood I want for the adventure.

*If you can’t handle the store, shop online, but keep the same “theme rules”.  Also, maybe shop a little in stores first so you know your size pretty well.  That way you can nail it when you make selections online.  I’m the queen of the 10PM Forever21 shopping sesh.  I will, however, keep things in my cart overnight to really make sure I am wanting my selections.


Here is a romper I bought while I was in the store, and I am absolutely in love with it!  I normally wear it with higher black platforms or wedges, but when you are tromping around in the desert you have to stick to the flat sandals.  I also coincidentally got the sandals at Forever 21 as well, so I think total my outfit was a whopping $45! (Minus the hat that I picked up at a Trading Post in AZ…)

IMG_1495IMG_1496I was able to find these items and linked them for you, as well as some other rompers I thought were cute.  I think they are the perfect easy early summer outfit: both perfect for day and night.  Daytime can be with flat sandals, and night with a little heel.   Hope you enjoy!  XO