LIP LOVE: you need to know!

I haven’t shared some of my favorite lip products for a minute, so thought I would make this little video that explains what I’m personally using and why I like it.  There are so many great products out there and sometimes it gets confusing and overwhelming to know what to buy!

I love all sorts of brands and price ranges….I’m not married to one particular brand: but I have noticed that I have been using these mentioned in the video on repeat……so that must mean something!


I won’t get into the nitty-gritty of each product because I don’t want to repeat myself twice.  I’d rather you watch the video so you can feel like you are hanging out at home with me and talking product!

I will link all the faves below, and btw for those asking lately in the videos I’ve made, the necklaces and rings I wear most of the time are from a brand called Adornmonde!